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Bearbeitet von hack_source1: 7/18/2016 8:38:32 PM

I know you're bad at this but please?

Ok Bungie I know you're bad at admitting your mistakes but can you admit that the throwing knife base damage Nerf wasn't needed. I can see the Nerf to burning knifes but to Nerf the base damage makes no sense. I and a bunch of others never thought throwing knifes were OP. To pull of the hand cannon shot + throwing knife precision combo took a lot of skill and good timing while also taking in drop from the knife. It was difficult to pull off but it was rewarding. Now if they don't have low armour and I do that I find myself vulnerable because I then have to ready my weapon which could get me killed. Right know it is too much work for so little payoff. Can you just buff them by 10% so they are a good option.

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