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Bearbeitet von MongotheDread: 7/16/2016 3:08:58 AM

Gaming LoL ranked team anyone?

I know there doesn't seem to be a lot of fans of league of legends on here, but I was thinking that it might be a fun idea for those that are to get together and "casually" play some ranked teams together (now that rito has brought them back). Post your game name here and I can set up a team and start inviting people once we have enough. I'm open to people of any ranks and I don't care if you play poorly or whatever. [spoiler]p.s. My LoL name is Grokmir the bold just so you know not to freak out when some stranger sends you an invite.[/spoiler] In the mean time we can talk here about anything league related. Like builds, strats, lcs, anything. I'm addicted to the game, so I can go on and on about anything. And if there is anyone out there that is looking to get into the game I have a smurf I could hop onto to show you the ropes. [spoiler]TSM es numero uno.[/spoiler]

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