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Diskutiere über alles, was mit Destiny zu tun hat.
Bearbeitet von n8: 12/11/2015 8:55:32 PM

I use Mouse and Keyboard, AMA!

Yes thats right! I use Mouse and keyboard for just about anything. It is so easier to aim with Mouse, and the keyboard has many uses at this point, mainly for stabilty purposes. Mouse is easier to use than a synthetic controller. Thats right! I go oldschool! Doing it with the mouse gives a better grip on the USB stick to extract all of the salty data from it. Keyboard has many uses, yet Mouse is used for everything! For writing, recreational uses, pointing, clicking, and more! My Mouse is easier to move up and down along my USB stick, as a con[b]troll[/b]er has a lot of input lag, i.e not enough Data comes out when I explode. Oh but its fine, I use my Right hand to play Destiny, and Mouse for other, [i]recreational[/i] uses.

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