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Way to make Three of Coins fair for everyone.

I recently posted this on the main Destiny forums and it made it to the 2nd most trending topic of Destiny. So this is where I am going to refine my previous three of coin patch to make it so Three of Coins will be fair to everyone. This list is to aim at making Three of Coins a extra instead of a requirement to obtain exotics from activities and to overall change our economy. Many people felt that 3oC's ruined exotics, but with this, we can all coexist and 3oC's will now be optional as well as Exotic Engrams will not be dropping anymore (Read how I address this please and Xur as well!) :) - Three of Coins will remain the same - Strikes and Crucible will have a chance to give exotics w/ IB and Trials increasing that. 3oC's will increase the chance. - Destiny will try to give Exotics you don't have - Any mission boss should have a very small chance to drop exotics; Daily Missions will increase the chance; 3oC's will increase the chance - Court should have a small exotic drop chance from Tier 3; 3oC's will add a chance to get it from the boss - Patrol chests will have a 5% chance to grant legendaries; Events will have 10% chance to grant legendaries - Legendary engrams will have a separate loot pool to make Legendary engrams more valuable - Xur will stay the same; Engrams from Xur will grant 290/310/330 items to prevent farming for light (Why do you think Bungie won't bring Engrams) - No more exotic engrams from drops, only from Xur; You will obtain what you get (Pick up a Suros from a dead Phogoth); To fix this, you will now be able to change what your exotics (armor can drop for). The options will be... • Titan • Hunter • Warlock By clicking on the choices, they will be grayed out which will mean you will not obtain exotic armor for these characters (That way to make up for transferring exotic engrams over) - Exotic Bounties/ more quests for exotics - At level 18+, you'll be able to obtain legacy exotics from all sources above and at level 35+ you will be able to obtain year 2 exotics from all sources above. Disclaimer: This is not to make exotics easier to get, this is to make Three of Coins optional or at least bring back the fun of getting Exotics as well. With my way, we can add more customization to how we get stuff, who we get it for, and also increase activities we play. Also take a look at what I said about Legendaries and turning off what gear we get so we can choose whether what gear we get. Thank you for reading Bungie!

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