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7/6/2016 12:35:08 PM

West Australian Server Access

Hey guys, I have been playing Destiny for about 4 months now and have noticed that in the past couple of weeks that I am getting more and more 'Contacting Bungie Servers' errors whenever I try to do anything in game, also after 15 minutes the game will crash out with a 'centipede', 'bee', 'beetle' or 'weasel' error, when I try to get back in from the splash page I get 'marionberry' for a good 10 minutes before I can try again. I was playing Challenge of elders about 2 hours ago, got to the 3rd boss after seeing the 'contacting bungie servers' messages and then literally just get booted out with a 'beetle' message, I dont seem to be lagging as I can revive members of the fireteam without any dramas. In 4 months I havent had this many issues? My internet connection is 8Mbps down and 0.5Mbps up which is standard Aussie based ADSL2+ internet had no issues like I say up until 2 weeks ago. I had my ISP out today to check everything out to make sure it wasnt that so I am at a loss now as literally can only blame the game. Has anyone else had these issues on the West coast of Aus or do I need to take my modem outside and run it over with my car? Cheers,

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