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Bearbeitet von SirJ2theK: 6/29/2016 4:20:25 PM

Contacting Server Banner constantly

Latest edit: I feel our post has run its course, we got no answers or even acknowledgment so Your Welcome Bungie my money will be ready when Destiny is. At least we tried to help each other. I am receiving this error constantly, I have refreshed licences, Cleared Cache, Restarted Router. I use a lan Cable cat6 My mtu is set correctly for my broadband default doesnt work either, And i have a separate switch for cabled bandwidth traffic. Video shows frequency over 2 minutes just a sample to show people. Its not always the users fault. I hear it loud and clear unlike bungie who is scurrying around the game files to see whats happening. I have had my moneys worth with this game which is why i can say we need dedicated servers but the dont even reply if the did it wasnt public enough. Bungie is "investigating" the issue, thats fair enough but its not a solution. We all know the solution but arent told why we cant have it. Why are we getting sh!t on because bungie cant resource manage. A reasonable answer is all we want. Investigating the issue wont work any more.

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