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ursprünglich gepostet in: What Happened to Battleborn?
6/23/2016 6:02:24 PM
Something I heard from elsewhere [Battleborn] has it's flaws , every game has, they have been discussed at length. it sure does needs some work, some of wich has allready been done, but it's barely been aknowledged. But this Topic, for once is about taking a look at ourselves, make a little place for introspection. Year in and year out we complain about Ubisoft and EA selling the same grey generic shell of game. We mock them for playing it safe, trying nothing new. (Yet somehow they still sell like hot cakes.) A publisher takes an existing F2P concept that works, uses recycled assets from a dead project , gives the whole thing a new coat of paint ( albeit masterfull , polished coat of paint, runs and looks fantastic) adds butss and boobies. Get away with no campaign , hit boxes the size of Rosanne Barr and a 40 to 60 dollar price tag and people rush in the millions to buy it. But when I see the patience, the support we give a develloper when they actually try something new. I am wondering if Ubisoft hasn't got us all figured out. Maybe all we deserve is the grey sludge or just a nice coat of paint on something safe.

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