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Destiny is becoming bland, let players decide with "Balance Voting"

For "Balance Voting" (democracy)


Against "Balance Voting" (dictatorship)


I played COD back in the MW2 days and it was fun because gun selection mattered. Different guns did different things. Things fell apart when all the guns in COD started to kill in the same time at whatever range and that was called balance. On to destiny, In the beginning we had an array of guns in each class that were good at different things. There were also some special guns that were more powerful called exotics. They were fun to get and use because they felt better or were more interesting than the rest of the guns out there. Now with balancing all of the gun classes are in better places but with little to no variation. With each rebalancing destiny becomes more bland, everything feels average and this makes it less fun it is to play. With nothing special to look for since nothing is going to be more powerful than what you already have... Why look? I could go on with the new round of nerfs and how unjustifiably reducing the potency of gunslingers abilities without necessary community complaint on the issue, Or how they can give incentive to use other abilities without nerfing the popular (fun) abilities. But thats already being done. Where is destiny going to end up? When are we going to finally split PVP from PVE? Its not impossible, and its already been done in this very game. They want consistency between PVP and PVE but fail to realize the major difference between fighting AI and actual people. TL;DR: In conclusion. I'd like to propose a "Balance Vote" Which would let the people decide whether something gets buffed, nerfed, or left alone. Before balance patches bungie would release a Poll with their proposed balance adjustments and we the guardians would be able to vote yes/no once per account with access to the most recent expansion. This way we can let the majority decide on the outcome instead of getting a balance and everyone is left in bewildering disappointment. Stop the salt before it starts. Edit: Please drop a comment and up-vote this thread to keep this trending. The more people who vote the better.

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