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Legend of a Titan: Saint-14

His Light cast no shadows. He walked out into the demon light. But at the end he was brighter. This man was a marvel, he was very close to the Speaker, so close that he was able to suggest the advancement of the Warlock Osiris to Vanguard Commander, the role now held by Zavala, after witnessing his skills at Six Fronts. He held a position about the Darkness. He argues that the Darkness was an invading armada, an alien force of incredible - but tangible - power. Some adherents believe that this armada sprang from species rejected or discarded by the Traveler for their sins. And most notable about him was his crusade against the Fallen. It was at the end of this crusade that he received some troubling news about a Warlock he’d previously commended. His last target held him in his arms, the time was now, face to face with Solkis the Kell of Devils he reeled his head back and [i]bam![/i] The Ether screamed from the Kells head and together they fell to the ground. The Exo Guardian rose, staggering back. He couldn’t take his eyes off the Kell’s body. He’d never seen any Fallen withstand a skull puncture, but this was no ordinary Fallen. He waited...and waited. He removed his helm, tossed it aside, and dropped to his knees. He called the Speaker to tell him the war was over, Solkis was dead. The city would light the final flare, Devil Red, and all will know what he did. Then he received dreadful news. Osiris was seen on Mercury. The Caloris Basin. He’s turned his mind back to the Vex. This Titan was sent after Osiris, to talk to, or to bring back dead or alive. We don’t know. This was the last time we heard of this Guardian to date, it is possible he died. This is the legend of a Titan, this is the legend of Saint-14. I'd like to give a big thanks to Infestedpotatoe for giving me his voice for this post! [url=]The Legend Archives[/url]

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