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Weekly Event Cycle

Hi, Shadow179 here, been playing with you guys since Halo 2, and been playing Destiny since the alpha (oh, the fun times). Now just like everyone else, I love this games. Only thing is I feel like we're missing out on a bit of... lets say, opportunity. We have Iron Banner for PvP players, right? Everyone has fun with Iron Banner (usually). Whether you suck or not, you can have some fun with it. But why is that the only Weekly event on cycle? Bring SRL back. I'm begging you, so are others. And while you're at that, why not add a third cycle to the mix. Special Patrols. Now I only have a one real idea for this and I'll list it below for those that are interested, but this is what I'm feeling for the weekly event stuff. It's PvP overload on the cycle and thats not as fun as it could be for everyone (yes I know there's only one real thing on the weekly cycle, leave me alone I'm trying to make a point here). Look at it as a 4 week cycle. Week 1: Iron Banner - We all need our Lord Salad to say hi to us to start off our month. Week 2: SRL - Replace Holliday as the officiant with someone new. Put them at the end of the walkway maybe? Week 3: Diamond Garrison(?) - Add a new character, and have this character hand out weekly and daily bounties (as Lord Salad does...more info below if anyone's interested). Put this person on the opposite side to lord saladin? Week 4: A break from the weekly awesomeness to just focus on character strengthening and freedom. If anyone else has an idea or say on this, please feel free. I'd love it if we could actually turn this into a constructive forum conversation. Bungie does listen, and if we get enough support from the community, they will act on it, in fact I bet they're already prepping SRL to come back, they're probably just working on some new maps and conditions and so on. ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ Now for anyone else that supports Diamond Garrison (Just the first two words that came to mind, shh). My idea is that we have a character in equivalence to Lord Saladin. And my idea is have this character hand out bounties just like Iron Banner, put in a patrol fashion. Have the 3 Weekly bounties have you pointed towards a specific planet, then the three daily bounties. An example to the weekly bounties, let's use Earth as the example. WB1: Kill 15 Hive Majors, Kill 15 Fallen Majors, 150 Kills, Rank 4. WB2: Collect 150 Spinmetal on Earth. WB3: Achieve a Gold Star rating five times in a Public Event. DB1: Kill 15 enemies with a precision shot. DB2: Kill 45 Fallen Vandals. DB3: Revive 5 players. I'll list a handful more, but you get the idea. I think we could make patrols a lot more fun and really, make them more relevant. It kinda sucks that we have these massive worlds and honestly if anyone of us go to mars or venus, there are a few areas that always feel new because we might as well have never seen them before. Weekly Bounties: Earth Collect 150 Spinmetal. Kill 15 Hive Majors, Kill 15 Fallen Majors, 150 Kills, Rank 4. Weekly Bounties: Moon Collect 150 Helium Filaments. Kill 15 Hive Majors, Kill 15 Fallen Majors, 150 Kills, Rank 4. Weekly Bounties: Venus Collect 150 Spirit Bloom. Kill 15 Vex Majors, Kill 15 Fallen Majors, 150 Kills, Rank 4. Weekly Bounties: Mars Collect 150 Relic Iron. Kill 15 Vex Majors, Kill 15 Cabal Majors, 150 Kills, Rank 4. Weekly Bounties: Dreadnought Collect 150 Wormspore. Kill 10 Hive Majors, Kill 10 Cabal Majors, Kill 10 Taken Majors, 150 Kills, Rank 4. Complete three reciprocal rune battles, complete two stolen rune battles, complete one antiquated rune battle. (Replaces "Achieve a Gold Star rating five times in a Public Event" instead.) Weekly Bounties: Shared Collect 30 engrams while on patrol, collect 25 <area resource>, complete 10 patrols of any type, revive a player. Achieve a Gold Star rating five times in a Public Event. Kill 100 enemies with primary, Kill 75 with Special, Kill 50 with Heavy, Kill 25 with Super. Kill 30 enemies with Arc abilities, Kill 30 enemies with Solar abilities, Kill 30 enemies with Void abilities. Complete 5 scouting patrols, Complete 5 VIP target patrols, complete 10 resource collection patrols. Kill 30 enemies with grenades, Kill 30 enemies with melee abilities, Create 75 orbs of light. Random Daily Bounties: Shared Revive 5 players. Complete 5 (Overcharge/VIP/Kill Anything/Scout/Resource Gather/Taken Hunt) patrols. Open 10 chests. Kill 45 <area race, type> enemies. Get 50 primary kills. Get 40 special kills. Get 30 heavy kills. Get 20 grenade kills. Get 20 melee kills. Create 40 orbs of light. Complete a public event with a gold star rating. Get 5 kills in 3 seconds 10 times with <primary/special/heavy>. Kill 5 enemies with one grenade 3 times. Decipher a hidden message. Kill 15 enemies with a precision shot. (Then add three or four subclass specific bounties for each one. Like for Bladedancer "Kill an enemy with a sniper precision kill while crouched and invisible three times.") One small difference I think that should be made however, is that as a typical bounty would have a chance at rewarding a mote or strange coin, have the Diamond Garrison (DG) bounties reward a Diamond Token. Weekly Bounties are fixed to award two Diamond Tokens. With this little tweak, we have the DG officiant sell three Legendary Bounties (like the exotic bounties in y1, but not as exhausting) that you can buy for five Diamond Tokens. Once you complete that bounty you turn it in for two random Legendary Diamond Garrison rewards.(Ghost, Gun, Gear, Artifact, Class Item, maybe even a sparrow and shader?). This is to make up for the fact that you can't get DG drops like you would in a banner match. Anyways, that's my idea. I think it'd be absolutely fun if we had a Diamond Garrison along side the Iron Banner and SRL. Best part is it wouldn't change the way patrols are done, really. It just makes it more rewarding. If you agree with any of this, please share this post around. I really really want Diamond Garrison to be a thing.

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