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5/27/2016 8:28:29 PM

Bungie should add legendary weapon blueprints

Today ill talk in this topic about what i think bungie should do,i really want them to add a legendary weapon blueprints in the tower so we can return our lovely missed weapons,i know most people will hate this because people then will be able to get weapons like matador etc.. or weapons that are so annoying but what i think they should do is that your able to get your event only legendary weapons back. Such as the ones from iron banner or trials. I had some trials weapons and i regreted deleting them after year 2 started in destiny. Because i worked hard to get them and then because i deleted them i can't bring them back?? I mean look at the year one exotic weapon blueprints you can bring back weapons that you cant use anymore but only for fun in the crucible,why that? Its so useless. Then why cant you make one for the legendaries? ______ Anyways. I really hope they put that in the game so we can get back our old memories with these legendary weapons,if you agree or disagree please let me know by replying what do you think. Thank you for reading ☺

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