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5/26/2016 11:09:24 PM


Bungie, Obviously, the community wants SRL back. Whether it comes back improved or how it was in December - WE WANT IT. SRL brought the best of the Crucible (competitiveness) but also made it solo-based and there were no light-level advantages. These settings allowed any player (New/Year 1), (Max level/new character), (PvE/PvP) to play Crucible without getting killed by MIDA or Truth. It was the best of Crucible EVER and brought back the feeling of Mongoose racing and other elements from your old Halo days. I'm not going to make excuses, SRL wasn't the best playlist in the world. It was repetitive, a tad bit boring, and the rewards weren't worth it. BUT IT WAS FUN!! I got up to rank 4, I believe, in SRL. Here are so revisions and improvements that'll bring SRL to the ranks of ToO and IB: [b]Make the rewards more frequent and more diverse[/b] 1. SRL helmets and class items were great. They could be used in all of Destiny. BUT: Make all racing armor have defense so we can rock that armor in all of Destiny (just like the class items/helmets). [b] Add more shaders and armor choices [/b]1. All the available shaders were great and I still use them. Add more shaders including the exclusive Racing book shader (Red & Blue shader). 2. Make the book FREE OR WORTH LESS SILVER. I really wanted to work on my racing and get all that exclusive gear but I simply couldn't afford it. My recommendation is to make one version FREE and then make a better, exclusive version for sale at Eververse. [b]Add more maps[/b] 1. The mars and venus maps were great, BRING THEM BACK. 2. Make a racing map on every location in the Destiny universe. - One map on the Dreadnaught/Earth/Venus/Mars/Mercury/Last City/Reef Bungie, these are just some recommendations from what I have heard in the community. It would be like Mayhem Clash in the sense its mean't to be fun and dumb, not competitive and serious. It takes away the anxiety of going flawless or finding a perfect 6-man team on DestinyLFG. Please consider these suggestions and bring it back. (Or bring it back in the way you are already working on and haven't announced yet). Give us clues!! Or continue to wear your SRL racing merch during your live stream reveals ;) HiddnAce <3 Edit: Obviously "we" doesn't mean everyone, just those of us passionate about a relaxed crucible environment when we don't want to play ToO, IB, or the Raid. Edit 2: Even though SRL is amazing, don't side-track new PvE content just to satisfy SRL supporters. New Raids are more important.

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