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Everything Changes- Epilogue

Author's note at the bottom. [u]Epilogue[/u] Anon fell to his knees as a wave of sadness and anger washed over him. He looked around at the debris from the collapsed ceiling. Not even a single pillar stood, every inch of the room was destroyed. Atheon was defeated, but so many lives were lost. His whole fireteam was dead, everyone he ever cared for was gone. There was no repairing the emotional damage that had been caused. Everything he had worked so hard to gain was flushed down the drain. His entire identity was gone. The sound of footsteps behind him, brought him out of this traumatic trance. Anon didn't care who it was, he wanted everyone and everything to pay for the deaths of his friends and team members. He turned around and drew his knife, all in one motion. Anon immediately recognized the Guardian behind him, although some part of him didn't. Confused, he sheathed his knife and simply stared at the slinky Warlock before him. "I'm sorry," The Warlock abruptly said. "Who are you?" Was Anon's only response. "You don't recognize me?" Anon shook his head and resumed staring at the Warlock. "Well, that's a shame but, however, it's not surprising." "You still haven't answered my question Warlock," Anon spoke out impatiently. "I am Praedyth, Stalker Of Time," Praedyth responded formally. Anon recognized the name immediately. His mind flashed back to a fight that happened earlier. The Templar, Anon couldn't help but remember how Praedyth had obliterated the Judgemental One. He remembered it vividly, the Arc and Solar Nova bomb that Praedyth had used. He was part of Kabr's original raid team when they failed to infiltrate the vault. Praedyth was one of the last standing along with Kabr, they were both consumed by the darkness and made into vex warminds. "Did you know they would die?" Anon asked with a bleary expression on his face. "I know everything that has happened. I know everything that ever will happen. I know what is currently happening." Praedyth responded as if he'd answered the question thousands of times. "Why didn't you help?" Anon asked just as tears began to grow in his eyes. "I could not. Had I helped, nothing would have gone according to plan." "What do you mean?" "I can't answer that, goodbye Hunter." Anon watched in grief as the Warlock walked into the darkness he had come from. A bright flash lit up the darkness and Anon watched as Praedyth warped into himself and dissapeared into a parallel universe. Anon let himself fall to his back as the darkness began to engulf him. His eyes began to strain and his head felt hollow. Suddenly, he heard a booming cackle saw a purple ship hovering above the cavern. His eyelids flashed open and he boosted himself off the ground in excitement. Light rushed through as he called out to the ship, "OVER HERE!" The ship deployed its transmitter and teleported Anon into the ship. He found himself in a standard white medical bay with vanguard symbols marking various boxes along one or the walls. Anon looked up from the floor and saw a Warlock standing in the middle of the lane in deep violet robes. It was Ikora. She ran ran straight at Anon and embraced him. "I'm sorry, you had to go through that," She said. "Yeah, me too," Responded Anon in a tired voice as the excitement drained from his body. -------------------------------- Ikoras ship blasted into the hangar as Anon was escorted into the hall of Guardians by none other then The Speaker's Guards. Everyone cheered for him with every step he took, but his head continued to hang low. He took a heavy breath as he approached the Vanguard's table where the Speaker stood, watching his every stride. Anon slumped down into a chair just as the Speaker grabbed a book from his robes. The Speaker slid the book over the table top and directly to Anon's fingertips. Anon quickly grabbed the book and flipped through the pages with a solemn look on his face. "Quite the welcome, and yet you don't seem to enthusiastic about it," The Speaker said, a bit concerned. "I've lost everything, and everyone, how would you like me to act?" Anon asked in his agitated tone. "I unders-" "No, no you don't. You send us Guardians out there to fight the Traveller's battle. What for?" Anon raised his voice as he proceeded to speak again. "SO THAT WE CAN ALL DIE OVER AGAIN? So that we can feel the pain of death not once, BUT TWICE? Well guess what, I'm done. I'm done fighting for the damn Traveller, I'm done fighting for this city and most of all, I'm done serving you." "Hunter please," The Speaker begged. "No, you don't know, you don't CARE. All you care about is your damn floating ball." With those final words Anon, threw the book at the Speaker and sprinted out of the room. The Speaker sighed in dismay and looked at his guards. "Get him." [b][u]Finale of Everything Changes[/u][/b] Author's note- [spoiler] Ladies, gentlemen, guardians, etc. We have made it. The official ending Of Everything Changes. Today is a sad day for me. This was my first fanfiction series and I really did not expect it to become what it is. I was not expecting it to be popular or actually read and enjoyed by people. And in the end that's what happened. I want to thank all of you for reading, commenting, liking, criticizing, praising. And I especially want to thank none other then Echo. He helped become a better writer. And this is making me sad. I'm just gonna go. See you starside and I hope you enjoy what is yet to come. [/spoiler] Catch up here ---->

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