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4/27/2016 8:50:14 PM

Clan Guidelines/Rules

Mostly for the casual player, but open for anyone to join. If you're looking for a group/clan to join, or just want to discuss the game, then this is the one. I'm not expecting everyone to devote their lives to this, it's just for fun and a hub for us all to gather. If you wanna join, that's cool, but work together. Another reason why I'm starting this, is because in my experiences, most groups I get matched with don't help out and keep the glory to themselves. Hopefully we can find the key to eliminate the hoarding. It'd be great if some of us can get together for the occasional raid, but I'm setting my expectations relatively low. So if you're playing crucible and want a clan-mate to join in, there you go. I'm leaving it open ended at this point, so I'll see you out there, guardians. -Darkken-

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