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Beginning of the End - Part 2

Beggining Of The End Written by RoyalBlade, edits  and add-ins by Co-Author ECHO. [b][i]Author's note:[/i][/b][spoiler]Hello again and welcome back to the final installment of Beginning of the End. If you have made it this far into my series I truly appreciate it. You guys are why I do this. Oh and Echo too. Who is not only my coauthor but also my good friend. Anyways enjoy and see you starside.[/spoiler] Atheon stood in the midst of a battle that was almost frozen in time. He looked around the room at his opponents, trying to configure a plan. "Why can't I get this right? They've come to destroy me, and yet I can't seem to stop it." Atheon thought. "The simulations are wrong, everything's wrong. Every single time, only a few of them escape, the rest all slaughtered by my hand. I want them all dead, they have seeked their own destruction, and now they finally meet it." Kabr slammed into Atheon once more, disrupting his thoughts. Atheons glass frame was forced backwards stumbling into one of the pillars. The pillar crashed down over his back as he fell to his knees and slammed his fist into the ground, Atheon was week, but not for long. "Atheons weak, everyone focus fire!" Kabr yelled to his teammates, that were scattered about the room. The entire Raid Team pulled out their special weapons simultaneously and took aim at Atheon. Kinetic rounds as well as Elemental rounds pierced Atheons chest causing him to groan uncontrollably. Truth watched as Atheon's armor shattered and exploded the more they hit him. Finally, Atheon regained his shield and immediately stood back up. "We almost got him, look at his armor!" Truth blurted out. Her team nodded in response and ran back to their positions. Atheon opened another blackhole in his hands and parted it two ways, he then sent the dark matter crawling up the Timegates and they slowly pulsed to life. Osiris quickly noticed the Timegates and unmuted his comm. "He's planning to teleport us, everybody be ready." "Everyone got that?" Anon asked to clarify. Everyone responded with a worried, "yes." Truth retreated to the back of the room where Osiris and his squad stood. "Can you guys please get involved?" She asked, interrupting their conversation. Osiris rolled his eyes in irritation  and responded, "We are trying to devise a plan!" Truth crossed her arms, obviously annoyed at Osiris' excuse. "We have a plan already," Truth responded quickly. "I'm more of a researcher you see. I'm not exactly -how do you say- built for combat." Osiris growled in anger. Truth simply nodded, still slightly disappointed at the might Warlock who had defied the Speaker. Atheon looked away from his fight with Kabr and noticed the small team in the back, which were all seriously exposed and easy to dispose of. Atheon's frame readjusted to target the ceiling above Osiris and his group. Atheon unleashed two enlarged void rounds and they were sent crashing into the ceiling. The ceiling collapsed right above their heads and Rehmee and Gage were crushed in the process. Their screams echoed throughout the room but were soon muffled by the debris. Truth managed to shove Osiris out of the way but, a rock his her in the back of the head and rolled down her back. Her legs were completely pinned down underneath the boulder. Osiris looked at Truth and the debris desparetely, "No, not like this." He then crouched down by Truth and checked for respiratory activity. He was relieved to hear a faint exhale come from her crushed body. Osiris took her Hand Canon from her hand and reloaded another magazine. He slipped the weapon into his holster and grabbed Truth's underarms to remove her from the debris. Osiris pulled with all the strength he could from his bony arms. He managed to succeed in pulling her out and he plopped Truth up against a wall. Kabr took a quick glance back, from his fight and saw the damage Atheon had inflicted. He screamed in absolute rage and pulled his shield up to his chest. He focused all his power and light into the relic and aimed it straight at Atheon. A ball of light flew from his shield and violently crashed into Atheons chest. A good portion of Atheons shield depleted, but he still stood. Atheon raised his arm and activated the Timegates, which teleported three members of the team. Osiris found himself with Balear and Anon on a diminished Venus. The room was identical to that as the one in the Vault. The three watched as a Minotaur teleported into the center of the strange room along with half a dozen hobgoblins. Osiris spun out the Hand Canon he had retrieved from Truth, and took aim at the Hobgoblins. Balear reached into his mark with his left hand and pulled out a Hammer. As he pulled it out his body glowed like the Sun. He held the hammer and took aim upon the Hogoblinss.  In a matter of seconds only arms and legs remained of the Vex before the three. Osiris looked around the room and noticed a relic hovering at the top of a platform. "That looks like Kabr's!" Osiris yelled in excitement. "Hurry, go get it," Balear said. Osiris nodded in response and began gliding up the platform. He soon stood right next to the ancient shield and carefully grabbed it. Osiris and the other's experienced a bright flash and then found that they were back in the room where Atheon and Kabr battled. He looked around the room spotting Anon and Balear back in their assigned positions. Osiris looked down expecting to find his dagger but instead found the relic strapped to his arm. "I have no idea what to do with this," Osiris whispered to himself. "Osiris give me that!" Anon called out. Osiris obediently unstrapped it from his arm and let it hover in place. Anon jumped up to the relic and ran straight at Atheon. He jumped once again, and brought the relic down on Atheon's head. Atheon's body fell to the floor and his head shattered to pieces. The heavy impact caused the ceiling to weaken even further then what it already was.  Atheon began to grow a ball of dark matter in his hands, still functioning withought his head. He parted the matter several different ways and sent it after each member of the team. Anon and Kabr used their relics to create a shield around themselves which protected them from the dark matter. They watched as the rest of their team were quickly consumed by darkness and teleported elsewhere. Kabr charged one last ball of light and fired it at the ceiling. Finally, the ceiling completely caved in and fell upon the room. The debris bounced harmlessly off of Kabr and Anon's shields. After several minutes the dust finally cleared from the room. Both of the relics dissapeared from their arms just as they retracted their bubble. The two began walking on the debris looking for any remains of Atheon. Anon instantly spotted Atheons arm sticking out of the debris like a lighthouse in a storm. The hand at the top twitched repeatedly, unable to stop. Small drops of dark matter dripped from Atheons palm. Kabr walked over to Atheon's arm and pulled the fingers away from each other. He reached out and touched the dark matter that laid in Atheon's hand. Kabr closed his eyes as all of the time entered him. He watched as he saw the Tower fall and rebuild, he saw the beginning, he saw himself. All of time and space flooded into him as he explored his mind. An explosion of information hit him like a slap to the face. He saw everything that had happened. Everything that was happening and, everything yet to happen. He embraced it all and claimed it as his own. Kabr snapped back to reality and the rest of Atheon's remains disintegrated "It is done," He told Anon. "Not yet," Anon responded. "You have to go back, you still have to fix it." "Of course." Was Kabr's only response. Kabr skimmed through all the information he had and found something he thought might have been Earth. He warped into himself and disappeared in a flash of light. [b][i][u]FINALE[/u][/i][/b] If you're wondering what will become of this series, you can expect a Epilogue in the next moth or so. After that Hunted will have all my focus. Catch up here----->

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