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The Rings Of Saturn (Revamp) Chapter 1 Part 2

CHAPTER 1: Part 2 |Those Little Devils| Original Story written by Echo, Hardcore Revamp and edits by Co-Author RoyalBlade. Hello folks, this was my very first FanFiction series as fans of my work may know. When I started writing, my use of puncuation and vocabulary was well...terrible. So I decided to have a friend of mine (RoyalBlade) revamp it for me. He's done a marvelous job with it and I just wanted to throw some praise his way. Hope you guys enjoy the revamp and, Stay sharp Guardians. --------------------------------------------- Cozmo groaned as his eyes fluttered open. He had to adjust his vision to the blinding light that was shooting into his eyes. After a minute or two of groaning a Hunter ran to his side.  "What happened? More importantly, who are you?!?" Cozmo asked. The huntress took off her helmet, revealing an awoken female with light purple hair, sky blue skin, and quite a stunning face. "I'm Caroline, and I'm pretty sure you got shot by a walker." Caroline pulled Cozmo to his feet and called out to a Titan. "KLEPTIC COME PUT A BUBBLE ON US!" She ordered. The Titan ran over hip firing as he made his way to them. He slid in between them and popped a ward of dawn over them. A warlock saw the Bubble and joined them inside of it. "So uh Caroline you have a plan?" Cozmo asked. "I think so but first introductions. The Titan's name is Kleptic and the Warlock is Hannah. This here is, sorry I didn't catch your name." "The name's Cozmo." "Alright now that, that's out of the way you think you can jack a walker?" "Can a fallen shoot Ether out of his neck?" "I'll take that as a yes. Jack the walker on the far right of the field then use it's cannon to fire at the other walkers. Kleptic put a Bubble on his cockpit. And I'll take out the snipers." The warlock who went by the name of Hannah asked, "And me?" "Hannah, wreck the captains." "Gladly." She said with a grin on her face. "EVERYBODY GOOOO!!!!!" Kleptic shouted at the top of his lungs. Cozmo hopped over a rock and started sprinting towards one of the walkers. His whole body became enveloped in ARC energy. Using this sudden rush of power, he jumped twenty feet into the air and came down with on a Walker. It damaged the walker severely, but it didn't destroy it. For a few seconds Cozmo hopped on top of the cockpit looking for the hatch. When he finally found it, he opened it only to see an all blue dreg sitting there. He ripped the dreg out of the cockpit and got it in a headlock. Cozmo easily broke the alien's neck and threw him off the tank. He then slid into thd cockpit with ease. "Good so far," Cozmo reported. Kleptic hopped on top of the tank that Cozmo took over. He put up a ward of dawn. Using his bubble, he continuously jumped in and out to fire rockets. Cozmo aimed the Walker's cannon at another Walker and fired. The shot blew off the other Walker's main cannon, taking the cockpit with it. "ONE DOWN!" Cozmo shouted over the comms. "Good! Try to hurry up, this Dawn ward won't last forever." Kleptic said, obviously concerned. "No need to worry, I got this." Cozmo ensured him. Cozmo aimed at the next Walker. Somehow he over shot and ended up shooting the rocks above it. As the Walker turned towards Cozmo, huge boulders fell on the walker and crushed it like a pancake. "ANOTHER DOWN! How much longer on that dawn?!" "I'm not sure probably like..." The next time Kleptic jumped out, he was met with two wire rifle shots. One hit him in the head and the second went right through his chest. His Ward disappeared and his Ghost was completely exposed. The Vandal who took the first shot, easily dispatched Kleptic's Ghost. Cozmo looked down at his own chest and saw Kleptic's blood splattered all over chest plate. Cozmo took a deep breath and the smell of burning flesh ran through his nose. "Caroline I thought you had the snipers!" He said, his voice shaking. Receiving no answer, he got out of the cockpit and searched for Caroline. He spotted her, getting man handled by two Major Captains. One of them picked her up and the other stabbed her in the chest. She screamed in pain as she was stabbed and shot several more times. The Captains finally threw her down onto the ground. She landed in a pool of her own blood and looked right at Cozmo. "Oh that's just lovely!" Cozmo said angrily. He heard a Warlock glide jump headed towards him and he turned around to see Hannah standing behind him. "SHOOT THEM!" She ordered the Titan. "WITH WHAT-" "WITH THE TANK YOU STUPID PIECE OF LIGHT!" Cozmo hopped back into the cockpit and aimed the cannon at the captains. The captains dispersed before he could fire. Flanking from both sides the captains jumped on top of the walker. "NO ONE HURTS MY TEAM!" Hannah roared. Both captains lunged at her and tried to grab her. She jumped up and away, then quickly came down with a scatter grenade in her hand. She ran at one of the captains and slid beneath him. The captain turned around to face her. They stared at eachother as the captain pulled out a long jagged sword.
 The captain charged her. Hannah did a backflip off the tank, igniting her grenade. The captain jumped off the tank and followed her down. Using her abilities, Hannah glided up meeting the Captain in midair. She then shoved the grenade up the captains mask just as it ignited. The grenade had exploded in the captain's face. The Captain sounded it's death cry as it's body melted away into void energy. Hannah then looked up from the illuminated Captain and quickly disposed of the two snipers with her scout rifle. Cozmo jumped out of the cockpit and eyed the other Captain down. The Captain pulled out two swords and Cozmo made his fist light up with Arc energy. "You are gonna die one painful death." Cozmo said, gritting his teeth together. The captain charged him and sliced towards Cozmo's head. He easily ducked the slice and  came up with a uppercut to the Captain's jaw. The Captain's mask flew off revealing it's dark, disgusting face. In a quick movement, the captain stabbed Cozmo in the knee. The Captain went in to stab him once more, but Cozmo dashed backwards. Cozmo then dashed forward and punched the captain's chest with a Storm fist. The hit burnt a hole in the captains chest forcing Ether to spill out. The captain screeched as Cozmo made a quick move and grabbed the captains stabbing arm. Cozmo snapped it in half, forcing the captain to drop one of his swords. Cozmo kicked the captain off the tank. It hit the ground with a loud thud. The captain started to get up. When it got on both knees, Cozmo threw the Captain's sword at it. The Captain screamed in agony as the blade pierced his hand. 
 Ether spilled out of it's hand as Cozmo hopped off the tank. He approached the Captain and pulled the sword out of it's hand. With a swift kick, he  knocked the other sword out of the captains hand. Cozmo caught it midair and placed both the swords on the Captain's shoulders. Using both swords, Cozmo cut off the Captain's head. 'I almost feel bad for him' Cozmo thought to himself. Hannah came up beside Cozmo, carrying Caroline in her arms. She nodded to him and Cozmo looked down at Caroline. Her body was covered in her own blood and her forehead had a deep cut running along the side. Her face was stained in dry blood, and even had a hint of ether splattered on it. "She's losing a lot of blood, and fast," Hannah told Cozmo, on the verge of tears. "Hey, it's going to be alright, I'm calling in my jump ship now."

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