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Hunted- Part 1 (Revamped)

Author's note:[spoiler]Welcome back to Hunted. I wasn't pleased with my first run with this series but I hope to fix it. Enjoy and thanks to Echo for being the helping hand as per usual[/spoiler] [b][i][u]HUNTED[/u][/i][/b]    Hunters were usually known for being outlaws, they were always the loose ones in a fireteam. Despite this, they were reliable and fairly dependable, often in the worst ways. One particular Hunter was quite fond of using bribes, blackmail and gambling to get what he wanted. Heck, he would even gamble away intelligence if it came to it.  So, what could ever go wrong for such a talented Hunter? Well, there's always authority and where there is authority there is someone who authorizes what you can and cannot do. The authorizer was Cayde-6, his boss. -------------------------------- "Yeah, Achilles was pretty excited when I gave him the bounty. Apparently this guy owes him some glimmer or something. There was a lot of him talking after that but, I eventually just muted the frequency", Cayde reported to the Speaker. "I see," The Speaker replied in his soft tone. "Have we confirmed who this other Hunter is?" "Well, according to some other Guardians, he's well known for taking glimmer. Good riddance if you ask me. I think..." Cayde responded, a little unsure. "What's his [i]name[/i] Cayde?" The Speaker asked a little more specifically. Cayde quickly facepalmed realizing his short lived stupidity. "Yeah, right, of course, sorry bout' that. His name is Želim. He used to be a pretty damn good Guardian but, I think he ran into a tree while on his sparrow or somethin' like that. Guess he just went down hill after that", Cayde answered while chuckling at his own joke. "Hmm..." "I can take the bounty back if you want me to," Cayde said firmly. The Speaker considered the offer for several seconds before answering the small Exo. "No, I'm quite interested in how this will play out." =--------------------------------------------------= "Journal Entry: Target Log 1261. Surprisingly, Cayde gave me the bounty personally, so this guy must have done a lot more than just take my glimmer. Goes by the name or Želim apparently. He's wanted on all the planets in the Sol system. I have reason believe he's on Earth right now, that's where I've tracked most of his solar nodes. Honestly he's not too smart really, leading me to believe that I must have been drunk when he took my glimmer. Either way, he dies." -------------------------------- Achilles stood in his dump of a cargo bay, fiercely pounding his fist on a keypad. "What the hell Athen?!? I thought [i]you said[/i] that you fixed it," Achilles said to his Ghost. "That is of course if you actually [i]know how[/i] to fix anything." Athen sighed, "I did, you broke it again." Achilles growled and began kicking the door, which quickly broke off its rotors and fell to the ground. Achilles walked out onto the fallen door and used it as a ramp. Metal straining could be heard with every step, but the ramp held. Achilles decided that the ramp was safe enough and walked back into his ship to retrieve his cargo. Achilles roughly tossed crates down the ramp, the mettalic covers flew off of each crate, unleashing the contents inside. Achilles finally rolled his sparrow out and put it on the remains of the crates. "First of all, you realize I easily could have this." Athen told his Guardian. "I don't let robots do my work for me. Thanks a lot." The robot shook it's head/eye. "Secondly what exactly was the point of dumping all the cargo?" Athen asked. "Simple, I don't want it anymore," Achilles responded easily. Achilles' Ghost signaled his eye downwards in dissapointment of his Guardian's response. Achilles waved his Ghost aside as he strapped extra weapons on to the side of his sparrow. Then he clipped his dagger to his belt and put his Scout Rifle on his back. Hopping on his sparrow, he immediately boosted into the forest leaving his Ghost in the dust. "Sometimes I'd wish he would just die," Athen said gloomily. Achilles laughed as he watched his Ghost become smaller as he grew further away. "Stupid Ghost," Achilles said while chuckling. "I can still hear you ya' know," Athen said, a tid bit irritated. "Oh I know, I just don't care," Achilles answered back. After driving for a short time Achilles slowly drifted to a stop behind a large fallen tree. The bark jutted out uncontrollably and tree sap drizzled out of the cracks. Hopping off his sparrow, he grabbed his dagger from his belt and poked at the sap. "What happened here Athen?" Achilles asked his Ghost which was hovering in his hand. Athen deployed his micro scanner and dissapeared into the fallen tree. In a matter of seconds He reappeared in Achilles' hand. "It was cut, obviously, but the strange part is, that it seems to have been burned off in a way", Athen said in a curious manner. "Did you check for elemental radiation?" Achilles asked. "Yes, of course." Achilles kneeled down and began scratching the side of his helmet. "It doesn't make any sense, how could he-" Achilles thoughts were cut short by the feeling of a weapons barrel touching the back of his helmet. "Who do we got here today?" Želim's country voice asked in no meaningful way. "Shut the hell up and, give me my glimmer," Achilles responded, quite aggravated. "Oh it's a Hunter, a fooled Hunter at that," Želim chuckled. "My name is Achilles you filthy hive." Želim instantly recognized the name and took an akward step back. "Not a fan I see..." Achilles said, quickly noticing Želim's fear. Želim regained his composure and took a step forward, cocking his Hand Cannon. "You're not gonna get your glimmer," He said. "But you can sure as hell die." Achilles wasn't interested. He flung his dagger upwards, cutting Želim's Hand Canon out if his hand. Achilles kicked him into a tree and threw his fist at Želim's jaw. His jaw instantly dislocated but Želim wasn't about to give up. He snapped his jaw back into place and quickly recovered from the blow. Želim grabbed Achilles by his elbow with his right hand. Throwing him down, Achilles landed on his stomach with his hand being held up by Želim. The country accented Guardian launched his foot down onto Achilles' elbow and it snapped in half. Achilles screamed in pure agony and pain as his arm fell limp and began to bleed. Želim retrieved his Hand Cannon and fired a round into Achilles' back, causing another scream to rise into the air. "I can't believe people actually have trouble killing you," Želim said, proceeding to fire another round at Achilles. "You haven't won yet," Achilles responded. "Who's on the ground buddy?" Želim asked, almost in a sarcastic way. Achilles didn't answer and Želim took aim for his head. Želim cocked his Weapon and slowly pulled on the trigger. "Athen now!" Achilles blurted out. Athen appeared in front of Želim and flashed his blue laser into Želim's eyes. "Son of a-" Želim was stopped mid sentence by an armor piercing round that flew in and out of his head. Achilles fired another round and soon the whole clip was emptied into Želim's head. Blood stained the tree behind Želim and puddles of blood grew on the ground. Želim's body finally collapsed, and his diminished helmet slowly rolled off of his face. Achilles winced at Želim's face just as his Ghost rose from his body. "Sorry buddy, your Guardians a dick", Achilles said to the small Ghost. He then put a bullet through its eye and it fell to the ground, smothered in smoke. "That was a bit excessive," Athen said while staring at the fallen Ghost and Guardian. "Just a little Ghost. Just a little." Achilles sat up and Athen began healing his Guardian. "You lucked out." "Naaah. It was all part of the plan Little Light." "Don't call me that." ----------------- End of Part 1 Catch up here ---->

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