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Bearbeitet von Laser Kittens: 4/19/2016 12:02:29 AM

Voidwalker Fount of Life

Dear everyone, [b]EDIT[/b]- I thought I might add that I have never run this build in PvP. Stormcaller's melee range is too useful in the Crucible. I wish to present a fun voidwalker build that gives you maximum destruction and exceptional survivability. To start, choose gear that increases Discipline and Intellect to maximize these stats. Literally. Now that you've got your gear in place, it's time to select your talents. Recommended Grenade: Scatter- bursting into mini-grenades upon impact with anything, this grenade covers a broad area helping to ensure a hit. Recommended Movement: Glide w/ Focused Burst- this allows you advance and retreat quickly. Bear in mind you can also reload while gliding. Blink- if you don't mind staying grounded while reloading, have fast reloads, and/or are a boss at it. This ability can be clutch (or devastating) Nova Bomb talent: Lance- this allows you to plant the bomb with precision. This (in my opinion) far outweighs the minor loss to blast area. You'll be speccing to increase it anyway. Energy Drain (melee) talent: This ability reduces grenade cooldown on a hit. Again, some wiggle room- Life Steal- this is what the build is about, killing enemies and healing yourself. Soul Rip- if you're okay with stealing life with only your Nova Bomb and Grenades (two out of three ain't bad). A good alternative when knocking out easy things. 1st and 2nd Ability modifiers: Annihilate- this increases the blast radius of your grenade and Nova Bomb, helping ensure you land a hit. This is important considering your final talent choice: Embrace the Void- this allows both Nova Bomb and Grenades to trigger Life Steal AND trigger Energy Drain. As for Armor, Recovery, and Agility... Considering the amount of opinions on these three, all I'll say is I spec for maximum Agility to get the most of Glide/Blink distance. To sum up: Discipline at max reduces your grenade cooldown to 25* seconds (from 60). Pair this with Energy Drain and you'll be chucking Grenades almost as fast as you can throw them. No kidding! If you miss with a grenade, you only have 25* seconds to wait... or just land a bomb or melee hit and it's right back up. With maxed Intellect you'll have a 4 minute cooldown on your Nova Bomb. Pair this with the right armor/weapons/talent and you can reduce that even further. And remember when gearing up that any ability triggered off a grenade is useful. You'll have them all the time. Now get out there and demolish your foes!

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