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4/11/2016 4:43:42 PM

Postmaster should have ability to lock items

SGA: Postmaster replaces old items with new ones; never let your Postmaster get full with good stuff in the top slots or you'll lose it. I knew the postmaster had an item limit of 20, and I was trying to take advantage of that as I was stockpiling exotic engrams/weapons to use for 1:1 infusion following the April update. What I [i]didn't[/i] know is that the Postmaster [u]replaces the oldest item in your inventory with the newest[/u]. I was actively maintaining my Postmaster inventory so it was only good legendaries or exotics... all stuff that I wanted. So it really sucked when I found out that almost all of that stuff had been replaced with rare blue engrams/items after I did some Strikes/CoO. [b]There should be the ability to lock stuff in the Postmaster so that it's not replaced, just like you can lock an item so you don't accidentally dismantle it[/b]. Or a hierarchical system where exotics are always held, then legendaries, then blues/greens. Makes no sense to have a system that can replace an EXOTIC item with a RARE item.

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