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Beginning of the End~ Part 1

[spoiler]Hey guys, it's Royal. I'm back and I want to say sorry. I keep disappearing and leaving the series unfinished. Now. I am very determined to end it on a high note in a reasonable time. Enjoy. P.S. Thanks to my Co Author Echo for being a bloody genius! [/spoiler] [i][u]Beginning of the End[/u][/i] Large chunks of the ceiling fell as Kabr and Atheon fought. Kabr slammed into Atheon with all his might several times. Atheon simply grabbed Kabr and tossed him aside like he was a weakling. The moment Kabr hit the floor another chunk of the ceiling crashed into the ground. The impact shook the whole platform, causing Balear to fall and roll down a flight of stairs. Truth ran over to Balear and helped to his feet as Kabr shot a ball of light at Atheon.  "Go to the back where Osiris and Rehmee are, see if you can formulate a plan!" Truth yelled over the constant sound of gunfire. Balear nodded his head in response and lightly patted Truth on her back before he ran off. Kabr watched in astonishment as Atheon absorbed the blast of light. "HOW?!" Kabr screamed impatiently. Atheon in response, deployed harpies to keep the rest of the team occupied. Atheon was taking on the whole team and, he was winning. As the Harpies began to horde around Anon and Cayde, Truth began firing upon the one-eyed beings trying to divert their attention to her. Truth's tactic almost instantly worked and the Harpies began firing at her.  Anon knew he wouldn't have much time before Truth was overpowered. With his thoughts racing through his mind, he took the easy way out. He loaded a rocket into his golden age launcher. Even in the dark vault the launchers silver plating still somehow shined. Anon blindfired the rocket but it's modified tracking systems curved around every object possible. The rocket found its target and hurled itself into Atheon. Anons face lit up with joy as the rocket exploded before him. Anons face quickly melted away as the glass giant absorbed the blast as if it were a cotton ball. Atheon simply rotated his chasis and began firing his oversized Torch Hammer. The weapon was truly a weapon of destruction. Everywhere the rounds landed, it left miniature craters enraged with void energy. The Team was being overwhelmed, and fast. "Yo, Anon come here," Cayde said as he ducked behind the stone cover. Anon rolled slightly to the right where Cayde stood and holstered his weapon. "Please tell me you have a plan," Anon said to Cayde in a tired voice. "I was actually going to ask you the same thing," Cayde responded. As Anon and Cayde spoke, Dredgen slid into their coversation. "Please tell me you have a plan," Dredgen said to Anon. Anon simply facepalmed as Cayde answered for him. "No he doesn't have a plan, he never does." Dredgen threw a strange look at Anon and then back to Cayde. "Well Mr. Vanguard do you have a plan?" Dredgen asked annoyed. "Of course I do," Cayde responded.  "And what might that be?" Dredgen asked knowing he wouldn't get a real answer. "It's the best plan of all, just shoot it." Cayde said as he popped another magazine in his Hawkmoon. All three hunters stood up and fired at Atheons core.  Osiris watched the battle from the back of the room with a fierce expression. "Wrong, wrong, wrong! Kabr Is aiming at the wrong place," he told Rehmee and Gage.  "Care to elaborate?" Rehmee asked. "He should be aiming for the core not the damn armor!" Osiris barked. "But that's genius." Gage stated. "Do you even--" Osiris began. He cut himself off as a realization hit him. "By the Traveller," Osiris said gloomily. "That's right," Gage smugged. "He's going to overload Atheon's core then steal his power. He will set the timeline right." Osiris looked stared intently into the ground. "Th-that's not going to work. Kabr has to be part Vex." "He is." Gage chuckled. "Not anymore. When he returned to the normal world and escaped his timeline, he became full human." Osiris responded. "I see where this is going," Gage said. "Of course you do. Gage, the power could, or more likely will, kill him." Another boulder fell from the ceiling and landed in the center of the middle platform. The platform creaked loudly as it collapsed downwards and fell into the abyss. The battle between Atheon and Kabr was still raging. Atheon slammed his fist into the ground and Kabr flew backwards. The sheer power of his slam caused the ceiling to fall apart entirely. "RETREAT!" Anon yelled. The Raid team started pulling back but Kabr remained where he was. They fell back through the tunnel and chunks of the ceiling cut off the entrance.  Gage angrily slammed his Fist into the wall and said, "Now what." Kabr looked up from his fight with Atheon and quickly realized that the passageway had collapsed. The rest of the team was safe. Atheon screamed in anger as he too, realized the team had gotten away. Atheons mettalic bellows shook the whole Vault of Glass and collapsed several building outside of it. Atheon looked to his last resort. He opened his hands and began to grow an uncontrollable blackhole in his glass arms. He then slammed his fists together and time rewinded.  =-----------------------------------------------= Atheon slammed his fist into the ground. He immediately diverted his fire to the raid team. "GET DOWN!" Gage ordered the team.  A torch hammer shot blasted into his chest and he flew backwards into a wall. His spine made a sickening crack on impact and he fell to the ground. He started coughing up blood and gasping for air as he flailed his hands around trying to get help. Anon screamed in rage as he charged Atheon holding a brightly lit Arc knife. Atheon grabbed Anon the second he was close enough and threw Anon headfirst into Caydes tall piece of vex cover. "Aw, crap," Cayde said as Anon flew towards him. Anon hit the bottom of the pillar causing the whole thing to crumble. Cayde screamed in agony as the pillar severed his connection to his legs. Blue oil spilled out of his rotors and joints as they were crushed and broken. Anon had fallen into unconsciousness on impact and blood now poured from his skull, staining his white cloak. Truth and Dredgen fired at Atheon trying to divert his fire. Atheon fired a blast from his torch hammer and it directly hit Truth. Truths chest erupted in pain just as she collapsed to the ground. She fell straight on her back and dropped her weapon. Dredgen quickly pulled her over his shoulder and sprinted to where Osiris and his team was. Kabr fell into shock as he realized Gage had stopped moving, completely. He then looked over to Anon and saw the same thing. Truth was as good as dead, and Cayde wasn't going to be moving anytime soon. Atheon had won, and they had truly lost. Osiris grabbed Truth from Dredgen and ushered the remaining two into the cave behind him just as the ceiling collapsed.  Atheon screamed in anger once again. He didn't want any of them escaping with their life. He slammed his fist together once more into the dark matter and rewinded time. [b][i]End of Part One [/i][/b] Catch up here >

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