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Here's an idea for the next cod, or even a new game...

So, I was thinking about cod and I had an idea. We're all used to the standard FPS cod we have today, but a new, ACTUAL innovation, dawns on me: an open world cod. Hear me out on his: The campaign could be you going through and assaulting bases, fighting enemies in the usual fashion, and maybe even implement taking bases to create safe zones or something. Multiplayer would be is certain places around the map, and radio beacons would be outside them. This is how matchmaking would work. You activate a flare or a radio or something, and it matches you with people who want to do the same thing. I think the WW2 setting would fit this well, as you could come across small skirmishes or huge battles randomly. You could have crates, though I get mixed responses with this. Camos and reticles could be unlocked like usual, either ONLY through multiplayer of by performing challenging feats (headshots, etc.) on these large skirmishes. Please just feedback. If you hate the idea, please tell, but please be respectful. This is just an idea I had, and I want you guys to help me either further enhance it or rate it 1-10 Edit: how do you guys feel about vehicles

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