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Bearbeitet von dominorox71: 3/27/2016 3:26:09 PM

TTK Crucible Shaders

TL;DR Playlist shaders never drop. So I've honestly never used these forums before but there has been one thing that's really bothered me since the beginning of TTK. The crucible and strike playlist shaders don't really seem to drop like..... ever. Now I'm not sure if I'm missing something here, like maybe some extra hidden condition to get them to drop (maybe the crucible shaders only drop from weekly bounties?) But at this point I'm pretty certain that the playlist shaders have an impossibly low drop rate. I've put my fair share of hours into the crucible in TTK, at first I thought "maybe they are just rare and I need to play more to get them to drop." Then once I had gotten to my 3rd Iron Banner (I've only missed one since the game was in beta and it was rift) I still hadn't seen one single shader drop, for anyone, ever. I'd be lying if I said I put in much time to the heroic strike playlist once I got my hands on some raid gear, but it seems to be the same story in that playlist as well. Now I understand these are supposed to have a low-ish drop rate to serve as reward for sinking hours into these playlists but the original set of crucible shaders didn't take longer than a month to complete the whole set let alone 6 months just to even see 1. So my question is this, Do these shaders drop at all? And if so why are they so seemingly impossible to get?

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