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Betrayal-Part 4

Author's note in spoiler [spoiler][b][i]Author's note:[/i][/b] HELLOOOOOOO ladies and gentleguardians, welcome back to the finale of "Betrayal." I have a fantastic announcement for you guys. My friend Echo has become my official Co-Author. So he will insure that I get off my lazy butt and actually write the rest of the series. He will also assist me in writing it and you might notice some of his add ons in the chapter. Anyways, Enjoy!![/spoiler] [b][i][u]Betrayal[/u][/i][/b] As Balear slowly approached the battle, it didn't seem to be making much progress. For every two Disciples that fell, a single enemy Titan would fall. Balear was going to change that. He put a single shell into his Shotgun and sprinted at the Titans. He aimed at a Titan and pulled the trigger. The Titan flew back from the force of the slug round and crashed into a second Titan. The second Titan collapsed backwards as Balear picked up a deceased Hunter's knife and stood over the injured Titan. The Titan pleaded for mercy at the hands of Balear. Balear ignored his pleads and slit the Titan's throat. He then continued on. Balear put another shell into his Shotgun, and began running. He was suddenly jumped from his side. Dropping his Shotgun, Balear aggressively punched the Titan's bony rib cage. The Titan heavily grunted with each blow she received. As Balear began to tire, he heard a sniper go off. The round flew through the air and the small Titan rolled off Balear and hit the ground. A rather large hand reached down to help Balear up. Balear looked at his savior and recognized the Warlock immediately. "Thanks Rehmee," Balear said as he took the Warlock's hand and stood up. "Anytime. Now get back to fighting," Rehmee responded. Balear and Rehmee rushed at the Titans together and fought them hand to hand, gun to gun, anyway possible.  After killing nearly a handful of Titans, they stopped. Both of them looked back at the destruction they had caused. A good ten Titans lay limp and broken, the Titans were truly crippled. "RETREAT!" Marb commanded his troops. Marb took one last look at the batch of dead Titans before he proceeded to flee. Marb was dissapointed with the Titans failure and he was prepared for a stern talking to from his Commander. The Disciples cheered and clapped as the Titans retreated. Osiris called Balear over the comms, "Get down here," he said. "The portal is complete. Oh and bring Rehmee too." =~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~= As Balear and Rehmee proudly made their way to the Guardians Chest of Rewards. The Disciples triumphantly cheered for the two of them. "We're not exactly heroes but I could get used to it." Rehmee commented. "Well don't, that's a mistake and you'll pay for it eventually." Balear responded. "Damn Captain Killjoy, I see you."  Balear shot Rehmee an annoyed glance and Rehmee took it as a 'shut up.' When they finally arrived, Osiris ushered them into his underground portal room. The room had a large Vex Timegate in the middle. No light got in the room or got out. Even with the burning Sun so close, the room was cold and dark. Osiris' dying lamp was the only object that emitted light in the room.  "The portal is ready. We have to go now." Osiris said. "What about the Titans? They might return." Rehmee asked. "Oh, when we leave the Lighthouse it will explode, killing everyone." Osiris smiled at the thought. "What!? Did you tell your Disciples?" Rehmee asked in an attacking tone. "I told the ones I like of course!" Osiris said as he chuckled. "What the-" Rehmee began to respond. "It's not worth it Rehmee. Let's just get this over with." Balear told him. "Yes, let's." Osiris said as he pulled a lever and the portal roared to life. "Ladies first," he said smiling at Rehmee. Rehmee growled angrily as he stepped through the portal.  As Balear was about to follow, he abruptly stopped next to Osiris. "Did you seriously not tell your Disciples?" "Nope, I just like pissing him off!" Osiris said in a comedic tone. Balear began to chuckle even if it was only a light laugh. He walked through the portal and Osiris watched as Balear's entire body dismembered itself and reattached continuously. Osiris tapped a red button on the control panel and pulled the lever one last time. As soon as Osiris walked through the portal it closed off and his lamp turned off completely. =~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~= As the ceiling fell apart, Gage noticed a Vex portal forming. "VEX!" He yelled at his Raid team. He readied his weapon, however as the portal disappeared, Balear fell to his knees.  Balear tore off his helmet as bile flew from his mouth to the stone floor in front of him. Rehmee and Osiris stood over him, completely unaffected.  "What'd we miss?" Osiris asked Gage quizzically. "I hate you, and you're horribly late." Gage responded. =~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~= 
End of Betrayal. These last few parts have not been easy to write, however I finally have a good idea on how to end it off, so here's to the final chapters. Catch up here---->

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