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Destiny 3!

Use this thread to tell bungie what you want to see in future content. Destiny should borrow from halo and use the fact that there is a friendly fallen faction and make a game type that's open world survival. The game mode should be both pvp and pve. Depending on what faction you are representing will determine your side in the game mode so that you can have allies. This is where the next part comes in, you get the same respawn countdown as in raids but if one of your allies doesn't revive you in that timeframe you have to revive in one of your factions spawn zones. Multiple spawn zones eliminates other teams camping. The fallen faction in the reef lends troops that continuously come in waves which you can earn a new type of currency from defeating. The more of the currency you have means the more you earn like a multiplier. Players from other factions can kill you and take your earnings by holding x for a certain period of time. Or your teammates can revive you and you get to keep them. If you aren't revived and the enemy does not claim your coins and you have to Rez in a starter zone then you lose it all. The currency would be used for special exotics and purples not sold elsewhere. The map size would have to be somewhere more toward the size of the cosmodrome, plenty of places to do 1v1 with bottle necks for ambushing as well as enclosed areas in crashed ships or rubble buildings for small group fights and of course open areas with plenty of cover toward the middle of the zone for large war fare. To mix things up world events can be on cycle so you never know if the one area has the same boss. Possibly include invasions from the taken the cabal and the vex. So yeah, would love to know what everyone else thinks and what you would like to see in a future update to add more flavour to an ongoing game! Cheers for reading hope it makes sense.

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