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Remember were you came from.

Cozmo, DEEJ, Bungie, how did this happen you guys are freaking bungie one of the most beloved and cherished Devs ever. I was watching YouTube yesterday day and stumbled upon a video called O Brave New World. Remember that? Back then before all this hate, you guys were more then Devs we were all like a huge family that's what bungie stands for you guys started just as a group of collage kids remember Myth and making games for the Mac, the first time you joined Microsoft. Look how far you guys have come, now look how far you have fallen. People will forgive and forget we all love bungie that's why so many people are pissed off its because we remember. Get back to your roots Bungie, before its to late. Catch that Lightning in a bottle for a second time you guys can do it, but before that you have got to pick up the mess that's been made. I haven't lost faith in Bungie and neither should you guys. It would be awesome for one of you guys to respond or even read this but that's probably not happening but here's to hoping. Signed; MLG Potato

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