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A Destiny Fanfiction Teaser/prologue ( My Destiny)

What's up guys! This is just a little teaser/prologue for an upcoming series of mine called "My Destiny" It takes place prior to the collapse in the reign of the Iron Lords. Hope you guys like it and above all, ENJOY! Colt and I sat outside in the freezing cold as the rain poored on us heavily. We had been talking all night after Sam died. Sam was my soul mate, he was always encouraging me to do things, always telling me I had a purpose. He kept me going, he always had, he truly was part of my soul. When he was killed I was lost, I felt [i]un needed[/i], I just wanted to lay down and die. Sam wouldn't allow that though, that's why he's dead, he took the bullet meant for me. I made the Guardian pay but, it didn't feel justified for some reason. Sams death wasn't in vain luckily. We still managed to secure the U-A-R Drive so the Guardians of Tower-3 couldn't get through our defenses and destroy Tower-2. We had been assigned by Radegast himself to handle it. Effrideet wasn't to stoked about it, but she was never really happy about much of anything. I felt so strong and confident going into that fight. I felt like I had a purpose for just a split second, before it was deliberately taken from me. Then I sulked at the Tower crying in the rain so no one could tell the difference. Colt could though, Colt always could tell the difference, even if it was just the slightest change. Colt then began trying to comfort me. After a couple of hours we began to round off our conversation because I had told him I was tired. "Does everything and everyone have a purpose? Do you believe in that?" Colt asked as I had just began to walk away to my room. "Yes, yes I do." I responded. "Then what is yours?" Colt asked. I slowly turned around to face him. "I'm not sure yet, but I'll find it, I'll find my Destiny." -------------------------------- Please leave any comments below good/bad! It helps me and my work greatly.

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