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The Rings Of Saturn: Chapter 2, Part 2)

The Rings Of Saturn: A Destiny Fanfiction by EcHo and fellow Co-Author RoyalBlade. -------------------------------- [b]Link to Table of Contents.[/b] Hello folks! I have not written a new chapter on this series for quite some time. If you are a fan of my work or simply a fan of the series, then you'll know that this was my first series. When I began my work, I was extremely bland and bad with grammar in general. I would like to improve on that now, as I have improved my writing skills over the course of time. Also, I'd like to announce my new Co-Author for "The Rings of Saturn," RoyalBlade! He will be making edits and possibly even adding on to some of the chapters. One last thing I'd like to mention, myself or Royal will be revamping my previous Chapters for this series. Now, since I've made a long ass intro, I'll end off there. I'm sure you've all been waiting patiently to read the damn thing, so enjoy!! -------------------------------- Saturn: Rings of Saturn
 Cozmo sat in his dull black seat, staring out into the dark abyss known as space. Cozmo thought about how Ikora burned away into nothing but ash and shuddered. He couldn't believe what had happened, he thought they would get through it without causualties. 
 "Well, shit." Hannah said in a dissapointed tone.
 Caroline rolled her eyes at Hannah's words and solemnly looked at Cozmo. "Cozmo, you alright?" she asked in a concerned manner.
 "Yeah, just uh... shocked." Cozmo replied. "I just- I was so sure that I could keep everyone alive, I-I- I thought this would be easy." His voice cracked and tears started welling up in his eyes.
 "It wasn't your fault Cozmo, it wasn't anybody's fault." Caroline replied, trying to comfort the massive Titan.
 Cozmo didn't answer. He simply reclined in his chair waiting for Zavala to give them their next order.
 Zavala leaned forward on the table and put his mouth to the microphone. "Head home Guardians, you've had enough for one day. I assume the speaker will have a few words to say on the matter as well,"
 "Copy that, see you in a few." Cozmo answered.
 Zavala sat back in his chair, ignoring Cozmo's reply. He replayed what had happened and thought about what was GOING to happen. 
 Meanwhile, Hannah launched up from her chair and stared unsteadily at Cozmo. He had a sudden fear of Hannah as her icy blue eyes darted back and forth. Cozmo quickly realized she was looking at the Cabal outpost, then him, then back again.
 "Hannah, don't do it." Caroline said in a raspy voice.
 "Why not?" Hannah asked.
 "Hannah, you have NO idea what's on that thing. Don't do it", Caroline pleaded.
 Cozmo flipped a blue switch to ready his weapon system. He locked the system onto Hannah as she stared at the floating outpost.
 Suddenly Hannah turned the engine of her ship off. It  started free floating and ended up behind Caroline's just as she flipped her own switch. 
 "Alright, we'll play it your way. Blue two mark her as primary bogie, she's taking fallback maneuvers." Cozmo said firmly.
 "Copy that." Caroline replied.
 A sudden feeling of nervousness hit Cozmo as he started oozing sweat. He was  nervous for plenty of reasons but, he didn't want it to come to him or Caroline having to kill Hannah.
 "Alright blue two give me target status." Cozmo ordered Caroline, his voice shaking.
 "Stay focused Coz." 
 "I am, now, do as I said."
 "I can't, she's creeping up on me. I have no visual blue one."
 Cozmo looked through the back of his cockpit window trying to find their target.
 "Copy that blue two, she's in the dark zone."
 "Suggested maneuver?" Caroline asked, getting nervous as well.
 "Don't have one yet." Cozmo replied. "I don't like this blue two, the way she's just creeping like that. It's not like her to do that."
 "Agreed blue one, somethings not right or, she's a way better pilot than we thought." Caroline replied.
 They slowly flew through the debris of the Rings, knowing that they were being followed.
 "Stay al-," he was cut off by Hannah who had whipped out from underneath an asteroid and fired solar rounds from her ships weapon. "Woah! Blue two you see that?" Cozmo asked,quite suprised.

 "CONTACT!" Caroline screamed through the comms. "Permission to open fire blue one?"
 Cozmo slung his head behind him again as he tried to see her through his rear. "Permission granted blue two, take her out." 
 "Roger that!"
 Cozmo watched as Caroline flew directly up and out of the gold colored rings. Hannah chased after her resulting in a hot pursuit.
 "I gotcha' blue two, collecting visual ship data now." Cozmo said as he followed them out of the rings.
 "Damn it, I can't shake her blue one! She tagged my right particle turbine." Caroline said. "I'm screwed without it, I'll die in the cockpit if I don't land soon."
 "Agreed blue two, set coordinates for Titan, I'll try and get Hannah off your back."
 "Copy that." -------------------------------- The Tower: The Last City: Earth
 Cayde-6 the Hunter Vanguard called out to Zavala as he entered the hangar, "Heyo! Zavala they back yet?" he asked.
 "Does it look like they're back?" Zavala replied, annoyed.
 Cayde looked around the hangar. "Uh, yeah they are, can't you see em' Hanging right there?" He point at a beam where a non existent Cozmo sat. 
 Zavala rolled his eyes and listened on to Caydes annoying jokes and sarcasm. Eventually he stopped listening and thought of an insult quietly.
 "Zavala, yo, buddy you there?"
 Zavala snapped back to reality as his train of thought was brought to a stop. He quickly realized he had begun to daydream. Zavala sighed heavily as he turned his purple eyes towards Cayde.
 "Yes Cayde? What could you possibly need?" Zavala asked.
 Cayde stared down at his feet and looked Zavala in the eye. "Are you upset about Ikora?  "I can't te-," Zavala began to reply but was cut off by Caydes constant ranting. Zavala just stopped listening again and began to stare out of the hangar door.
 "Cayde?" Zavala asked.
 Cayde jumped up, a tad startled at the Titans sudden words. "Err....yes?"
 "Shut up."
 "Okay." -------------------------------- Mercury: Unknown location:
 "Ouros my lord, I come with urgent news." Said a small Titan.
 "You may speak," Ouros responded.
  The small Titan looked at the guards nervously as she swallowed her saliva.
 "You of our forges are being....disturbed." The Titan said softly.
 "Which one do you speak of?" Asked Ouros in a nervously demanding way. 
 "The one that has not spoken since-"
 "Yes, Oryx." The Titan confirmed.
 "I thought that filthy team of Six guardians destroyed him?" Ouros asked.
 "They did, something far worse is coming my lord, we may have to reunite with the city."
 "Nonsense! That's the last thing I will do, we will take this... BEAST by ourselves." -------------------------------- Please leave a comment below! I am completely open to criticism and tips.
 [b][i]The Echo Archives have what you seek...[/i][/b] [b]Edit:[/b] I know there is a problem with the links, i am currently working on fixing the problem. [b]Note:[/b] The previous chapter will be revamped soon, my Co-Author (RoyalBlade) will probably take the task but not too sure yet. So if you notice they're a little bad, well just remember this was my first series.

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