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Diskutiere über alles, was mit Destiny zu tun hat.
3/4/2016 8:46:26 PM

Destiny, a game that could have been a wonderful amalgamate of genres...

Thanks to the developers and publishers however it just became a horrible abomination and continues to devolve as features are removed or become obsolete, usually to be re-released as new content, because they felt "the players were getting too powerful", or in hopes of people "playing the game it was meant to be played . The way this was advertised it was supposed to be a huge open-world, Loot-based, RPG FPS with a sprinkle of MMO features here and there to bring the community together. While the FPS portion is decent at best (there is still much to be desired among weapon variety and weapon balance as a whole) that is only one part of the game as a whole. Almost all aspects of the open-world, RPG, and Loot based Generes are ignored or neglected. In RPG's, one of the main things that is usually going for it is progression and becoming stronger. Going back to areas that are many level below your own is supposed to make you feel powerful as you cut through a horde that once gave you issues. Sadly, in Destiny, that is not the case. Power is greatly limited in this game. Enemies that are much lower in level (light or normal) can still kill a player much later on in the game and, this is the worst thing of all, the player's damage is capped at a certain point. Even at max light there are still plenty of enemies/attacks that can end a player (not even talking instant death gimmicks) and this is, again, when the player is a higher light level. This is not how RPG's are supposed to work. Players want to feel powerful, they want to go back and destroy those things that once gave them hell all the while looking forward to the new challenges ahead. But what about progression? Well that is covered in the loot based part of the game and sadly this is a terrible idea, but let's discuss why the loot based part is terrible in the first place. In most loot based games there are items that will make you jump, shout, and feel like you could dance for. In Destiny that is severely lacking. The one weapon I think that came even close to having that joy or elation would be Gjallarhorn and Vex Mythoclast. I can't tell you how many times I have seen some get so giddy or excited over these weapons. That feeling should extend to all top tier weapons, but sadly, Destiny doesn't really have a top tier. There are weapons that are good or ok, but exotics are not the top tier of loot that players crave (some are even downright terrible). As a matter of fact, most exotics have steadily been declining in quality since Vanilla Destiny and that is due, again, in Bungie idea of weapon balancing. Instead of making weapons that are better and people get excited for they nerf the weapons we already have, get rid of or alter perks for no reason(Field Scout for example, or because, again, they feel we are too powerful. A lot of people didn't even bother with Hard Mode or ToO simply because there were no elemental primaries anymore. Then there is also the fact that now we our progression (not even for end game activities) is entirely tied to said loot. In year one you saw a few people that were forever 29 for a while, but, for nearly 7 months now there has been tons of people that have been stuck at 319 and haven't been able to progress, or they do progress only to find a better version of what they had, use infusion, and go right back to 319 again. While it is a bit more forgiving, for those that want to reach the max it just seems like and impossible dream. Add in the fact of the elitists wanting max stats and "optimum loadouts" creates a bigger riff in the community. People don't mind RNG, but when you make it worse that is what people do mind Finally we come to the "Huge open-world", which is EXTREMELY limited. One of the biggest things that was hyped up beyond anything else was being able to go to the mountains if you so chose. While it is pretty decent sized per world (or ship in the case of the dreadnought) there is still very little to discover. Just taking a few hours of the day to explore nook and cranny we got you can find all the ghosts shells easily. The few hidden things there are to be found you have to glitch your way out of the map to discover. In these worlds we were also supposed to meet up with friends and new players, there were supposed to be dynamic and unique encounters, and partying up was supposed to be a breeze. Now however we have world that are so tiny you visit every area in about 10 minutes, encounters are usually just walkers (this occurs on 3/4 original planets), killing an enemy who stats scale to yours, and just guarding an area for a limited time. Finding and meeting up with friends is a very rare occurrence as is meeting up with random players in the same area and partying up just takes you back to a load screen even if they are in the same area as yourself. It is just much faster to just go online, find someone in forums or lfg sites, and get your party together then. Making the FPS part somewhat decent, but then ignoring the other parts, some of which are the elements that make this game fun and could turn into a great and amazing game, is not the way to go. I love Destiny, but I want Bungie to do better because I, and other in community KNOW they can do better.

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