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Year 2 Exotics That Outclass Ghorn

We all remember the amazing Ghorn, right? The one Exotic weapon every Guardian sought after in Year 1 of Destiny. The Ghorn would make short work out of the Templar, Atheon, Ir Yut the Deathsinger, Crota, and every PoE boss including Skolas. However, with Year 2 now here, there are some new Exotics that now outclass the almighty Ghorn. Let's start. Raze-Lighter: Let's just face it, this weapon deals MASSIVE damage to any and all targets. You don't believe me? Then how about if I telk you that you can bring down Crota's shield with ONE Phoenix Uppercut? You needed multiple Ghorn rounds to do that. You can actually solo the Crota boss fight if you have invisibility and the Raze-Lighter. Sleeper Simulant: This weapon absolutely TEARS through Atheon. A whole team of Guardians equipped with this weapon can bring down Atheon in one Time's Vengence phase. Sure you could do the same with Ghorn but the Sleeper can shoot through the VoG relic bubble. You can't do that with Ghorn. And it doesn't make Atheon move out of the way, unlike rockets. Touch of Malice: Just look up any "Touch of Malice vs. X" video and you can see why. A primary that can fire an infinite amount of shots, if you can manage your health well, and has plenty of reserve ammo. You don't need to pray for a Heavy ammo brick to drop with this badboy. Black Spindle: Essentially Black Hammer 2.0, this Exotic Sniper has the highest impact rating in the game and does insane amounts of damage to any boss where you can get three crits on in a row over and over and over again. And since snipers are a must have for PvE, and since special ammo is more frequently dropped than heavy ammo, this weapon beats out Ghorn in its overall usefulness. These are only a few of the exotics that I feel outclass the Ghorn. If you have any exotics that you feel also outclass Ghorn or disagree with any of the exotics I chose, feel free to sound off in the comments. EDIT: I did not take level advantages into account for this one. My apologies but thanks to everyone for not calling me a retard for getting it wrong.

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