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THE FALL; Chapter 2: A Destiny Fanfiction

[b]THE FALL; Chapter 2:[/b] This series is ought to get quite dark, if you find any gore or language offensive please, do not read. On the other hand if you don't mind a little bit of violence please read! And enjoy! [b]Link to Chapter 1-[/b] -------------------------------- [b]Kane[/b] I hated the Fallen. They were rotten, slimy scoundrels who had nothing to fight for except themselves. There had always been theories around the tower that the Traveler could've been theirs at some point but, I never believed it. I just couldn't bring myself to believe they were beings of Light or, maybe the Traveler is a being of Darkness. As I began walking again memories flooded my mind again and Pain instantly shot up from my neck to my shrouded head. I clawed at my head as my brain throbbed in agony. I then slowly injected my head with a painkiller from my medkit. I wish I hadn't done that because right at that moment it became hell in my head. It felt as if my brain was on a plate being forked to death by evil Martians with snake tongues. I fell to my knees grunting trying to get rid of the horrible headache. I fell to my stomach and quickly crawled into an open door to try and rest. As I crawled through, I came to notice the door was oddly purple rather than the normal blue but, I went in anyway. As I crawled through I began to stand up but quickly crouched as I saw an odd looking Vandal who was extremely skinny. I was a little confused at first but, I then remembered the purple door and knew why it looked so odd. It was a Fallen female, no Guardian had ever seen a female Fallen, I would be the first. It looked as if she was getting ready for something, I watched as her four arms softly stroked her straw like, blonde hair and worked to do some sort of braid. I began to stand up so I could leave but she instantly saw me. I froze in mid stride as her cold green eyes stared into mine. She then turned back towards her mirror and pointed to the right. "Take two rights and then go down the west hall." She said. "Also try more sneaking less grunting." My jaw dropped as she finished her sentence in flawless English, there wasn't even a Fallen accent. I quickly closed my mouth and felt a tad embarrassed but I quickly ran towards the right and walked out of the room. -------------------------------- [b]Mila[/b] "Osiris?" I asked. "Yes?" "Is that a Ketch?" Osiris looked up and saw the freakishly large Fallen ship breaking Europas thin atmosphere as the ground shook violently. "Aw' hell", He responded. Vance threw a worried look at Osiris and, Osiris nodded his head in return. They both just kept nodding their heads and shrugging. I began to feel irritated and protruded their silent conversation with the sound of a gunshot. "What the hell Mila?!" Vance asked as he cupped his hands over his ears. "You guys were gonna trigger an avalanche", i responded sarcastically. "I'm dying of laughter," Osiris responded angrily. "What do you want?" "What are you [i]silently[/i] talking about?" I asked. Osiris' eyes darted back to Vance but, Vance simply shrugged him off. Osiris sighed and looked at me. "There's Guardians on that ketch and, They're most likely hostile. If their coming here of all places it can't be for a good reason." "So what are you exactly trying to say?" I nervously asked. "Well, we might have to kill us some guardians." Osiris said as he pulled out a long jagged knife and, began running it along his diminished bony fingers. -------------------------------- [b]Kane[/b] "Oh, why hello there my Fallen friends, are you ready for your weekly ass kick?" I sarcastically asked the group of dregs in a booming voice. They pretty much just stared at me with a bunch of knives in their hands. Creepy huh? One of the dregs sent out a deathly screech and the other ones began to do the same. "I'll take that as a no?" A dreg threw a shockblade across the room just barely missing my blood stained arm. "You will die a most painful death." The biggest of the dregs said. "That is a promise." I swiftly pulled out my shock pistol and quickly fired a short burst. The tracking shock rounds breached one of the dregs skulls as his body burnt to a blue crisp. I then grabbed the shock blade implanted into the wall behind my arm and, dove behind a strange piece of cover. The cover I lay behind was extremely bumpy and jagged. I also noticed it had patches of raw hive particles all over it. I then looked around the room the legion of dregs stood in and, noticed the same particles stretched across the room. I instantly started making up scenarios in my rotten head of what they were doing to Hera. I dismissed the scenairos so I wouldn't get another migraine. I quickly looked over the strange cover and shot another burst from the pathetic shock pistol. The dregs dodged the slow tracking rounds and began to trudge towards me with their shock blades. They were attempting to horde me and would most likely succeed. I couldn't take out that many dregs at once, especially in my diminished state. As I thought of a tactic that might work I kept getting a tingling feeling in my hands. It was like something was trying to ignite and gain freedom. I then heard an odd buzzing noise coming from my hands and remembered [i]"I'm a Bladedancer."[/i] I flung my hands outward and two Arc blades formed in my buzzing hands. I could feel the energy, the adrenaline, all pulsing within the palm of my hands. I dove out of the protection of the cover and threw a wild grin at the group of dregs. "Oh, Ye 'ah." I said loudly. The dregs all stupidly charged me with their pathetic little knives. I began to cut through their bony limbs as they screeched crazily. The biggest dreg was the last one standing within three short seconds. He watched in horror as his comrades fell to the ground with missing limbs and gaping holes burnt into their chests. I simply laughed as he screamed in agony over the loss of his brothers and friends. I then plunged both Arc blades into his stomach and ripped him in half. "A Dregs promise cannot be kept." I said finally acknowledging his death threat. I slowly walked over to Hera, scared as to what I would find behind the daunting wall. -------------------------------- [b]Fun Facts[/b] 1. Halo 2's code name was originally monkey nuts or -blam!- 2. In Destiny concept art Europa appears to have a destroyed city on it. 3. In Destiny concept art it also appears the Traveler is some sort of hangar/space station as well. [b]Authors Note[/b] Shoutout to RoyalBlade once again for tips and support for all my series'! Also if you're a fan of my work or read the previous chapter you will know that I said "I will write a new chapter every week or so." Yep! you guessed it I didn't! I'm sorry for the Inconvience, and I will no longer be putting any release dates on my series'. Also thanks to my sister for letting me use her phone charger! [b]Note:[/b] If you guys are wanting more time with Milas side of the story, don't worry! She is a main character and will be used frequently along with others. [b]The Echo Archives have what you seek...[/b]

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