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Hunted- Part 1 (A Destiny short story)

[b][i]Author's note:[/i][/b] Now if you're a fan of my work you might be thinking [i]Royal this isn't the story you promised.[/i] well that's true but I bear bad news. Writers block has hit me pretty hard. However I still want to write so I'm putting this up instead. If you're not a fan of mine just forget about that. Anyways enjoy. [b][i]HUNTED[/i][/b] Bribes, blackmail, card games. What could possibly go wrong for such a talented Hunter. That would be his number one problem, his boss. "The bounty landed in Achilles hands after a couple of bribes a good game of cards and a little bit of blackmail. Needless to say he really wanted the job." Cayde told the Speaker "I see." "What's the plan?" "Let him do it. I'm quite interested in seeing as to what happens." =--------------------------------------------------= "Captain's log. Entry 1261. Cayde let me take the bounty for some reason or another. I'm not going to complain the Warlock I'm hunting really cause me a lot of pain. I'm going to get him." Achilles' ship landed in a forest as he wrapped up the log. The hanger door opened and Achilles marched out in a meaningful way. He took off his helmet and took a whiff of the air. He put it back on and summoned his sparrow, prepping to leave. [i]Is this really the best course of action.[/i] Is Ghost, Athen asked. "He stole glimmer from me. I plan on getting it back." [i]It's not even that big of a deal.[/i] "It is for a Hunter, Little Light." [i]Don't call me that.[/i] He chuckled slightly as he pulled the throttle and left his Ghost in the dust. It shook it's eye in a way symbolizing his unapproval. It disappeared in a flash of light. [i]You need to stop leaving me like that.[/i] "And you need to stop acting like me mother. Not that I know what that's like since you raised me from the dead or whatever." [i]Achilles...[/i] "I know, I know. The fate of the city hangs in the balance so you can't tell me squat. I get it." [i]Regardless you should stop this. You're one of the best.[/i] "The best at not following orders you mean." [i]Im not going to get into this.[/i] "Good choice considering we're almost there." Achilles slowed down and hopped off his sparrow, crouching down near a bush. He looked around and saw a camp fire burning. "Finally I get some-" He was stopped short by the feeling of a barrel of a gun on the back of his helmet. "Well lookee wha we got her'. We got ourselves one of em Huntres " "You piece of scum. I'm here for my glimmer." "Even better. Is a huntre I scammed. Whoopee." Before the voice even realized what was about to happen, he was on the ground with a knife against his throat. "WHERE IS MY GLIMMER?" Achilles asked, aggravated. "You see. I spent it all." "Oh for fu-" "Woah now partner. I don't appreciate that kind of language." "I don't appreciate getting scammed much either." "Well that's on you patnar." "What?" "I sed. Tas one your patna." Achilles got off of the Warlock just as he started seizing. "OH COME ON!" Achilles yelled at no one in particular. "I was this close." The Warlock's Ghost appeared and started healing it's Guardian. Achilles put a bullet through its eye. [b][i]TO BE CONTINUED[/i][/b] Well this is my new short story. It's not going to be like my last one and it's going to be simple and quick. I hope you enjoy all the same. See you starside guardians. Catch up here---->

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