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[b]Example:[/b] So let's say I click on.... Mars, I then click on it and it gives me 10 landing zones scattered across the planet, or better yet you just actually use your ship and land. Anywho, so you then have the 10 landing zones and you can rotate the planet around to find the landing zones with the right stick. Around The Mars Icon with all the landing zones you'll also see small icons of the moons Phobos and Deimos. You then can click on those icons bringing you to let's say....Phobos, with the ten landing zones and rotation, after you land you can go anywhere you want, I mean anywhere, no barriers. Also a quick way around would be too go through Vex portals where you can then teleport to any of the ten landing zones. [b]Other Ideas[/b] I would love to have raid commentary, let's say maybe.... Ikora talking to you in VoG, or even just your character saying small lines like, "This is gonna be interesting", or something like that. Also related to that, I feel as if you should be able to change the way your character, acts, speaks etc, also no more presets! I want to actually CREATE my character! [b]Wrap Up[/b] Custom games/split screen, better character creation/character back rounds, raid commentary and, most of all Expand the fricking openworld oh, my bad, patrol..... Tell me what you think in the comments!!! [b]Edit:[/b] Yo, if you guys haven't seen No Mans Sky gameplay yet be sure to check it out! You can explore a WHOLE Galaxy, no Lie a whole frickin Galaxy! So hyped for it! Imma have to get myself a PS4 just for it! [b]No Mans Sky Gameplay;BELOW[/b] [b]Informative gameplay/how the game was made[/b]

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