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Will you buy No Man's Sky?





[b] [/b] [b][i]Join the Group related to this topic [u][url=]HERE[/url][/u]. This is the ultimate place to discuss this game![/b][/i] I'd like to have new members. [i]About the Game:[/i] No Man's Sky releases in June this year (2016). It is a huge* open world where you can do whatever you want, in space! Watch the video by following the link or look the game up on the internet! [i]Target of the Game:[/i] You can explore many, many planets, but the main task is to get to the centre of the galaxy, to the Black Hole. [i]Don't forget:[/i] This game isn't only about flying around in space, and just get bored. You can also set trading routes, collect resources, upgrade your ship, attack fleets, kill animals and more! Please choose Yes or No and comment why you chose that opinion! [i]My opinion:[/i] My personal choice was Yes. I always loved open world games, especially when you can fly space ships [i][b]DON'T FORGET TO JOIN THE GROUP![/b][/i] I would really appreciate new members! They will be archieved with a Rank. * With Huge I mean about 18 quintillion [i][u]Solar Systems[/u][/i]! That means even more planets... [i]More YouTube Links:[/i] [url=]70 Questions And Answers About No Man's Sky - YouTube[/url] [url=]No Man's Sky - Five Mind Blowing Features! - Alan Console[/url] [url=]How Does No Man's Sky Actually Work? - Reality Check - GameSpot[/url] [b][/b]

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