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Bearbeitet von Monkeymayhem915: 2/4/2016 1:50:36 AM

Where are Legendary weapon engrams? Exotics?

I've been playing TTK every single weekend for about 8 hours or so everyday(not saying that's a lot but I put time into them game) And not one legendary weapon engram ever drops from a boss or just a random enemy. I always seem to only get class items or armor engrams! What ever happened to grinding for legendary weapon engrams to see what roles u get!? In my opinion if I knew legendaries would drop more frequently I would play more strikes etc. And exotics! Some legendaries are better then them! Why not be able to get different rolls on a hereafter other then the smoke perk...just random perks to make it a more exciting chance to get a good role. Again adding to the grind( I understand this would interfere with kiosks but I'm sure there's a way around that) Keep making Destiny better Bungie!

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