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Girls, need your help

I like this girl who recently told me she has feelings for me. We've known each other for three years and I've told her before that I have feelings for her. She has a boyfriend now who abuses her (physically and verbally)- i know because he did in front of me- he deals drugs and she is still dating him, she thinks of me as a bro and she says its complicated but she has feelings for me. What do I do, she loves her boyfriend but she wants to get over him, I've asked her out and she said she thinks of me as a brother, but she has feelings for me. What should I do, she knows her boyfriends a JACKASS to her but she loves him. She even said she feels jealous when I got a girlfriend, what do I do I've tried to tell her to go to the police or a hotline for help but she said she doesn't want him in trouble, and I can't do anything because he is 30 times bigger than me He kinda hates me but idc, him and I got in a verbal arguement where I asked him that if he even cares about her and he said only sometimes Please I need real advice here Edit: thanks everyone, just talked to her she said she is slowly getting over him but still kinda loves him

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