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1/23/2016 11:46:00 PM

Why is Bungie withholding information?

I'm kind of sick of no info. What happened to Bungie? These guys brought us Rich storylines and sick gunplay from halo that sparked our imagination, but we haven't necessarily been given much of that with Destiny. I want some opinions of what Bungie should do, but why are they not telling us anything? A community deserves to know what is in store for a triple A game of this stature. With all the screw ups and nonexistent updates, along with substantial updates and noticeable nerfs, I honestly don't think Bungie can manage a game of this magnitude. It should be managed better, the gun meta should not be set on one archetype of weaponry (pulse rifles and for year one mainly hand cannons), and exotics don't always feel "exotic." Honestly, Bungie should really reevaluate what an exotic should be. I'm starting to feel like Bungie should have either taken more time building on this game before releasing it, or actually run tests on private servers to prevent a majority of the problems we see in both PVP and PVE. Bungie needs to get back to basics. Community, please give me your opinions, FEEDBACK IS AMAZING!!!!

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