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1/18/2016 3:08:58 PM

Quiver perk

I believe many of you have seen how hunters, PvP in particular, overuse and abuse the quiver perk. How? well simple, quiver was meant to make a "wider" tether "web", so to say, strategically placing the shadow shot in three spots, but no, hunters are abusing the perk because it gives them [b]3 one shot kills[/b], they don't care about the tether, plus if there's another player near and falls in the trap, that makes [b]4 easy kills[/b], though the only kill that would actually make sense would be that last one. I get it if the normal shadow shot kills you (1 shot only), but people are [b]misusing[/b] the perk and basically turning [b]1 super in 2[/b], I wouldn't be posting this if quiver meant that you could fire 3 "deadly" shots and no tether or that they would tether but would not be 1 hit kills, that the shot would only take a let's say quarter of your health, that would be actually pretty fine. If people actually want balance, this is something that needs to be changed. P.S: make actual observations and serious comments.

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