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1/16/2016 2:30:48 AM

So about all the demand about Stormcallers getting a nerf... they are not the only ones who need balancing

A few weeks after ttk came out i figured out that stormcallers would need a nerf, however the sunbreakers were more prominent so they got the nerf bat 1st. With Sunbreakers out of the way it became even more apparent than before than transcendence and that melee range perk needed alittle tweaking. HOWEVER the nerfs should not stop with stormcallers, the last ttk subclass still needs to be looked at. I think that for the most part nightstalkers are fine. The only changes are removing the invincibility frames during shadestep(not that big of an issue) and most importantly tweaking quiver. Thats right, i said quiver. i dont mean remove it or nerf it to the ground or anything, i just think it needs some small changes. 1st of all after a hunter fires the 1st bow there should be some indication that they still have more shots ready. Maybe they should be glowing purple or have cool void energy emanating from their bodies, any kind of indication would be amazing. SECONDLY and most importantly they need to reduce the armor they get from using quiver, or maybe have each successive shot have less armor. The armor for a normal shadow shot is fine, they have enough armor to fire pretty much whenever they want just like nova bomb and FOH does. My issue is that they get 3 high armor shots and it can get ridiculous fighting a nighstaker with quiver, since they still get full damage resistance and yet still get to one shot people. tldr: stormcallers are not the only ttk subclass that needs tweaking, the nightstalker quiver is ridiculous. The biggest(if only) problems is that there is no way to tell that the hunter still has shots left and that they get full damage resistance on all 3 shots

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