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THE FALL- Chapter 1 (Destiny Fanfiction)

What's up guys I'm back from a very long break. Please forgive me for being extremely inconsistent. Anyway, as always enjoy! I awoke in a dark room, it was cold and shabby, I could barely breathe due to the thin air around me. I quickly threw the sheet of fabric off my dry skin and, sat up on the uncomfortable mattress. I looked around the room, searching for light but, had no luck. I put the sheet back on me and laid back down to try and return to sleep but, I couldn't sleep. As soon as I closed my eyes, memories harshly flooded into my mind. I remembered my transport being boarded by the fallen, I remembered my apprentices deep red blood on my hands but, most of all I remembered Earth. No, wait, I remembered The Fall. I clenched my head as I tried to rid of the painful memories but again, found no luck. I quickly turned over, hoping to find something of comfort. I instead felt a cold gooey substance as soon as my arm touched the mattress. Shivers went down my spine as I brought my arm to my face and immediately smelled the scent of blood. I then turned my arm towards my damaged face to see the red liquid covering my arm. It dripped down on the mattress like a water faucet that wasn't correctly turned off. I immediately sat up in horror and looked next to me. I saw my apprentice, her light blue skin covered, in her own blood. I grabbed her by the armpits and pulled her up on the metal headboard. I then put my hand on her stomach to feel the slight rise and fall of her chest as she barely breathed. "Hera, can you hear me?" I stupidly asked her motionless body. After no response I cleaned off her face with my undershirt. It left blood smeared at the bottom where the white thread was just barely visible. I quickly flipped the shirt inside out and, rubbed the soot and sweat off her neck and stomach. I then threw the shirt to the side and asked her again, "Hera, can you hear me?" Her eye lids flipped open as the white color returned to her eyes. She stared at me, wide eyed and confused but, she slowly responded, "yes....Kane, I can hear you." She held out her arms and hugged me, I embraced her warmth as she squeezed my back softly. "I'm sorry Hera." I whispered into her ear. "You tried Kane, there's nothing more you could've done." After a few minutes we finally broke apart as she looked around the room curiosly. "So uh where are we exactly?" Hera asked. "I don't know," I responded. We sat in the cold room, silent for several minutes. I assumed we both felt the same way, confused, distoriented and lost. Just as I thought the silence would never end Hera ended it. She asked me if I thought leaving Earth was the right choice. I simply responded with a poorly placed "I don't know." But the truth was I didn't know. I asked myself the same question for several weeks to no avail. I quickly recognized the headache working its way to my brain. It was like a rock scratching a chalk board, it just made you cringe. I then dismissed the memories and slumped down onto the rock hard bed. I almost immediately fell fast asleep, but knew that I would soon wish I hadn't. "I awoke to relentless screams and quickly noticed that Hera was not by my side. I fell out of bed screaming like it was me being punished. I repeatedly pounded on the door yelling for them to stop. I then stopped when I noticed two vandals approaching the door at a extremely fast pace. One striked the door with his three fingered fist and told me to shut up. I instead extended my arm out of the slim hole in the door and grabbed the neck of the smallest of the two vandals. I slammed him up against the door as he screeched and grabbed at my arm. I quickly ridded the vandal of life as, the other pulled out a shock blade. "You shall pay for that guardian!" The vandal said in his unpleasant voice. The massive vandal flung open the door and kicked me down the large step onto the cold stone floor. My blood instantly turned to ice as, the massive vandal stared me down, awaiting my next move. "You're just as pathetic as your student," The disturbingly large vandal said. The vandal turned around and started towards the door while chuckling. I loudly growled and, started running at him with my fist's raised, ready to strike at any moment. The vandals eyes widened as he quickly turned back around to counter the attack. I threw my right fist at his dark and emotionless face only for him to quickly duck and, come back up with a blow to my eye. I stumbled back a few paces but, quickly recovered. He then charged me, slinging his shock blade as he screeched like a madman. The vandal kept slashing until I finally touched the edge of the wall. He then raised the blade over his head and plunged it towards my chest. I instantly panicked and dived out of the way. I took a quick sigh of relief as, I heard the reassuring sound of the blade hitting the wall. "You cannot escape this guardian, give up," The vandal said in his taunting tone. "Actually I can, you however cannot." I responded. The vandal cackled and hurled the shockblade across the cell. I had no time to react to the unexpected attack, I knew it was going to hit me. The shockblade burned my flesh as soon as it touched my skin. It tore through my shoulder withought any hesitation. I screamed in pain as burning agony surged through my blood covered arm. The Vandals eyes seemed to grow at a relentless rapid rate as he watched me slowly get back up. The vandal screeched as I sprinted full speed and slid inbetween his legs. I then grabbed his scrawny neck from behind and threw him back-first onto the stone floor. The moment after he hit the floor I shoved my right knee down on his chest. I then pulled the blade from my shoulder and shoved it up into his ether filled skull. I slowly stood up, still gripping the blades handle, As I forcefully pulled up on the knife and tore the vandals crowned head from its massive body. I watched intensely as ether poured into the cracks of the cobblestone beneath me. While the head sizzled on the end of my shockblade, just waiting to be removed. I simply dropped the shockblade and walked out of the room Only, to find myself puzzeled by the fact that I just killed a Captain. Alone. ------------------------------- Location: The Reef Vestian outpost. (Former home of the Awoken) "Vance wait up!" I shouted as I ran towards the bright yellow jump ship. "Ah, Mila, What brings you here? Vance said as he inspected his cargo. "I want to take up your offer, I want to go with you to my homeworld," I responded. "Europa?" He asked. "Yes." I answered back. "Very well, you shall join me. By the way I have someone I'd like you to meet," Vance said. --------------------------------------------- [b]Fun Facts[/b] Fact 1- Europa is one of the 63 moons of the gas giant Jupiter. Fact 2- It is possible that Jupiter does have a solid surface. --------------------------------------------- Thanks to RoyalBlade for constant support and, tips. Please leave a comment below, it helps me out and, I like to see what you guys like and don't. I'm completely open to suggestions and criticism. Also I will mostly be publishing a new chapter every week or so, and be sure to check out my other series soon! I will most likely be revamping "The Rings of Saturn" and, possibly a few others along with it. [b]The Echo Archives have what you seek....[/b] [b]link to chapter 2[/b]

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