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ursprünglich gepostet in: A funny thing happened to Black Spindle
1/7/2016 6:02:07 AM
I find this daily to be very tiring. I was the only person who did not have the ship drop. I ran this on two different characters today (1/6/2016). I received no reward on one character because I had no way of telling that I had already run it on that character. No ship dropped that time either. I understood that the ship should drop for everyone if they complete the daily and received the black spindle. Being at under 300 it doesn't feel at all like it is worth the effort. As always, Bungie will continue to Nerf anything that players find to be fun. I don't like posts from DeeJ because he is always about "we have to nerf this, we have to nerf that". I am growing to dislike the posts from Cozmo not because he is honest about how the game really is, it is because of the game itself. He only tells me what I already know, that Bungie continues to turn this into more of a grind fest day by day. I am sad to see a game I enjoyed become now intolerable because they think that a good game must be an intolerable grind.

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