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Betrayal- Part 1 (A Destiny fanfiction)

[b][i]Author's note:[/i][/b] HELLOOOOOOO ladies and gentleguardians and welcome back to [i]yet another [/i] Chapter or Everything Changes. First off I would like to formally apologize for now uploading Thursday and Friday but I took an unexpected trip upstate and had no access to WiFi. I'll make it up to you guys I swear ;-;. Anyways, Happy Late Year! Here's to a great 2016, enjoy! [u][b]Betrayal[/b][/u] Balear stood next to Osiris on top of Lighthouse, looking down at the huge army of Titans headed their way. "What's the plan mad-man?" Balear asked quizzically. "Well, war hero, there is no plan. We just hold them off until the portal's up and we run like mad." Osiris responded. "And you disciples?" "Only the best will follow." "Like who?" "The Awoken twin Warlocks, Rehmee and Rèci will follow. They are my top students and I wish to take them as apprentices. However, for now they are in charge if defense. Réci has the outtermost wall and the front gates. Rehmee has everything past the little bridge leading to the chest for guardians. And finally we will be below the chest, finishing the portal." "And how do they get back if we're overrun?" "They don't. I have specially trained them for a suicide bomb if they are captured. The information they have is to valuable for Titans to have. Which brings me to a question. Balear why are they attacking." "Shaxx is playing nice with everyone because he wants Kabr dead. He believes that the guardians can destroy the Vex if Kabr dies." "I see. And you call me a mad man." "And you call me a war hero." "Fair point." A booming voice cut their conversation off midway asking, "Are you prepared to surrender Osiris?" Balear chuckled slightly and Osiris joined in. "Are you fools laughing at my request?" "That's right Marb, we are." Balear said, bursting into full out laughing. "Fools! YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS. Men, ATTACK THE LIGHTHOUSE!!!" A wave of 50 Titans started running towards the front door as Osiris and Balear retreated inside to finish a make shift Vex Portal. =--------------------------------------------------= Réci had his gun, Vanquisher VII at the ready as the first wave of Titans appeared. He unleashed his clip and three Titans dropped face first into the sand. He quickly reloaded and shot another clip of ammo. A fourth Titan that had activated his Sunbreaker toppled over and started choking on his own blood. One of his brother in arms did him the favor of shooting him trough the forehead. "Damn." Said a Hunter near Réci. "Damn is right" said a second. Réci looked at the tens of Titans headed their way. He noticed sniper glare, a second to late. Before he knew it, the first Hunter dropped dead with a bullet in his forehead. "SNIPER." He called out, hoping to save the other men. "Good call sir!" called a Titan from behind him, "We still have nineteen men left without the Hunter, we'll be fine." "I'm sure we will." Réci mumbled back. "Hey, boss man, watch this." The Titan ran past him and lifted into the air. His body glowed with Arc energy as he hurled towards the Titans with his Fist of Havok. As he connected with the ground the sheer force of his power created a small crater. This crater sucked half a dozen Titans underground and the Super itself killed another five Titans. The Titan that had caused the destruction stood, tall and proud challenging all the enemies. He was put down by a sniper shot to the head. Réci could hear the distinct sound of Sunbreaker activating as hundreds of hammers rained down on him and his troops. "RETREAT!" he yelled as one of the hammers obliterated three disciples that were hiding behind a wall. The enemy Titans rushed in, destroying anyone in path. Réci stood his ground and fought against the Titans fruitlessly. He charged his body and Solar wings appeared on his back. He threw grenades at the oncoming Titans, melting them in a bright light. He didn't know a suppression grenade land at his feet until it exploded. He flew backwards and fell on his back. Marb stood over him, looking forward to something that Réci feared. Marb picked up a knife off the ground and tore off the Warlock's helmet. "You don't have to do this." He pleaded as Marb grabbed his hair. He smiled again as he started scalping. "AAAAAHHHHHHH PLEASE STOP! PLEASE! Please.... " [b][i]End of Part One [/i][/b] I'm evil. See you Starside. Catch up here BTW.

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