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I Spy (A Destiny fanfiction)

[b][i]Author's note:[/i][/b] HELLOOOOOOO ladies and gentleguardians and welcome to another installment of Everything Changes. Happy Holidays! In honor of these awesome holidays I'll be going on a streak. So expect a part tomorrow the and the day after! Anyways, enjoy...... [b][i]I Spy[/i][/b] Gage crouched, unmoving, watching as Praedyth stumbled around, cursing and talking to himself. A Vex Goblin watched with what can only be described as, amusement. [i]He's very -how do you humans say,- out of it.[/i] Nightingale thought, speaking to Gage through telepathy. [i]This is it, Nighty.[/i] Gage thought back, [i]This is his fall.[/i] "Do you want to share your private discussions?" His Ghost asked. "How did you- Nevermind, we were just commenting on Praedyth's insanity." "That's the nice way of putting it. Now tell me why did we jump into the Vex portal when the Gorgon was disappearing?" Gage rolled his eyes "Because," he began "I was curious." The Ghost didn't seem to happy with his response but Gage didn't mind. He preferred Nightingale anyways. Praedyth kept walking around the in a circular formation and Gage watched almost intensely. [i]If I didn't know better I would have said that you were totally into him.[/i] Nightingale joked. [i]Oh shut up.[/i] Gage responded, emotionlessly. Suddenly, Praedyth broke into a full sprint and disappeared. As a Hunter Gage was used to moving fast so he within three seconds of Praedyth disappearing Gage was right behind him again. As he turned a corner a fist hit him, breaking his nose and knocking him out. =--------------------------------------------------= Gage's eyes slowly opened as he groggily sat up. "Uggggggggggggh." He groaned. "Now now, take your time Guardian. Your Ahamkara is fine by the way. I spoke with him. Or thought with him, however you look at it. He's highly intelligent and I applaud you for making friends. But now, to business!" A voice said more enthusiastically then what Gage had ever heard. "My name is Gage." He began, slowly yet confidently. A man in robes came into Gage's view. "Hello there Gage. My name is Praedyth but I'm sure you already know that. Now I'm sure you have a few questions but let me ask you something first." "What is it?" "Do I get better?" "How, ugghh," Gage groaned again as he tried standing up. "How do you mean." He repeated. "Oh bloody hell you're brilliant aren't you? I'M INSANE. What the bloody hell do you think I mean." "Alright now ya' brit." "Oh don't you dare. I am not a Brit. I'm just, culturally confused." "You're confused about alot of things." "Oh please elaborate." "The Vex have-" "Oh I already know all the boring stuff. The Vex haven't stopped talking about it." "The Vex? You mean you speak-" "Of course you moron. Do you KNOW what years of caves and mechanical whirs do to you?!" "Ummmm, no." "Of course you don't! I don't expect you to either." Nightingale flew into the room and landed on the ground next to Gage. [i]He's actually not that bad.[/i] "Awww. Thank you Ahamkara." Praedyth commented sincerely. [i]My name is Nightingale.[/i] "Ah yes of course. I must inform you that you are free to leave as you please, just don't follow me around. Good? Good. Byyyye!" With that Praedyth disappeared into void leaving a small ripple in the water. Gage's Ghost appeared and said "That was, odd." "Indeed it was. Indeed it was." Gage replied as he stood up, feeling good as new. "Weren't you hurt?'' his Ghost questioned. "Not at all, it was Praedyth giving me the pain. He's much more powerful then we thought." [b]End of I Spy.[/b] I hope guys enjoyed. See you starside. Catch up here--->

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