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Bearbeitet von Ghostfire239: 1/1/2016 3:27:32 AM

So I Had an Idea For Graviton Forfeit and I Want to Know What You Think!





I putting this idea out there to get it off my chest because I've lost WAY too much sleep thinking about it Lol. So I really like my GF (I meant Graviton Forfeit...*Cries* I so lonely) and I like Shadestep. I've also been seeing some "NERF TG" posts from some lesser Hunters. I'm thinking the reason why they may want TG nerfed is because TG can be used on all subclasses whereas Graviton Forfeit can't. Now the reason why GF can't be used on all subclasses is because Bladedancer has blink. So I did the math and here's what I got: Blink+Shadstep= OP. So you all remember Bones of Eao right? We thought bones would have an effect on blink but it didn't. Here's my idea : Let GF work on all subclasses BUT it doesn't work if you have blink on. That way we won't have the Blink, Shadestep combo. I'm probably WAY too hopeful plus Hunter have been given a pretty bad name recently but one can hope can he not? I know someone will probably say something about Titans being the slowest which is why they can use it on all class. I don't really agree. While they may be the slowest in terms of sprint speed they are still the fastest due to Titan skating. But lets not talk about that because we want to avoid class drama. TL;DR Let GF work on all subclasses but it doesn't work if you have blink on. It probably won't get much support but I just felt like putting it out there. Also Read more!

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