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Hydro Titan Sub-class

My ideas for a new Titan subclass revolving around a new hydro(water) damage type and AOE damage within a formidable offensive support. Backstory: The Darkness arises and needs to be dragged back into the depths where it can't threaten our peace; back where it belongs. A forgotten order of Titans: The Basinkeepers, tasked with the overwatch of precious light-infused waters on Neptune, were known for shattering their foes with the devestating force of tidal waves and leaving no trace of opposition. They went into hiding after being exiled for mutiny against the Vangaurd. In an effort to fight off the forces of Darkness, the Basinkeepers have formed a new alliance with Zavala and the Vangaurd. Let's teach the Titans, both new and old, how to command the seas and drown the Darkness once and for all. EDIT#1: I'll be putting the class specs in soon. Sorry for the wait. ^_^' EDIT#2: Grenades done. Lift and supers next! Stay tuned. :3 EDIT#3: Seems balanced so far, right? Lemme know what you guys think. Trying not to go overboard, but want it to be a viable option to the other 3 subs aswell. :) EDIT#4: Melee tree added! EDIT#5: 1st passive done and last tree will be up soon. Thanks for all the kind words and ideas, guys(and gals)! EDIT#6: DONE!!! hope you guys enjoy my Titan sub-class. It was a lot of fun trying to create a subclass that had useful perks, but had multiple viable loadouts. Leave a like/bump and let me know which element would be cool to do next. Sub-class Exotic: Solicitous Patron(legs) "Vuan, do nothing more than returning safely and you would have done everything for me." - Auzonir Provides Keeper's Troth for the Basinkeeper sub-class. Thanks again! (P.S. To everyone applying logic and legitemacy to a Syfy videogame and using that logic as a basis to downplay or deny my IMAGINARY sub-class its hypothetical fruition; stop thinking about it so hard, you're wasting time.) Class: Basinkeeper "Relentless as the tides of war and merciless as the enemy." GRENADES: #1: *Shoal grenade* {DOES bounce off walls like flashbang grenade.} Upon detonation this grenade releases 3 fast low tracking projectiles(Taken hobgoblin, but less tracking) to *ANYONE* near it. (Enemies will take 50 damage per hit and recieve a DOT of 3 damage per second for 5 seconds and it can stack with multiple hits[full damage will be 195 single target.], while allies hit by projectiles will recieve the *Tonic* buff; continuously regenerating their health for 3 seconds.) #2: *Whirlpool grenade* {Does NOT bounce off of walls.} Creates AOE cone damage (similar to the spike grenade and lasts as long but does not go through walls,) that damages and disorients enemies caught within its blast radius. Allies that walk through this effect are granted the *Swimmer* buff, increasing overall movement speed until the grenade is destroyed. #3: *Undulation grenade* Releases periodic sphere shaped AOE damage. Enemies afflicted will be caused 51 - 108 damage depending on the user's health and overshields (lower health = more damage and red bar garuntees full 108 damage.) and allies that pass through will be recieve a damage resistance buff in ratio to the users health aswell. lasts 5 seconds.(Once the user is killed the buff and grenade disappear aswell.) (<1/3 health remaining = 15% buff) 86 damage will be 73. (<2/3 health remaining = 10% buff) 86 damage will be 77. (>2/3 health remajning = 5% buff) 86 damage will be 82. *LIFT IS THE SAME AS THE OTHER TITAN SUBS* SUPER: [u][b]TIDAL WAVE[/u][/b] Deliver a devastating hook followed by the force of an all-consuming wave. (Similar to the darkdrinker's attack, but reaches way farther and only attack in a 150° cone infront of you.) About a 2 second cast animation. Perk1:Cast Asunder Upon casting the super, pressing both L1 and R1 again with result in a second, larger Tidal wave and generate more orbs of light for your allies. Perk2: Tidal Bore Focused Wave that reaches farther at the expense of wide AOE, instead being a tighter column of water. (Streches to the extent of the FOH's shockwave plus a little bit more and travels quicker. Perk3: Tsunami Makes the Tidal Wave carry on to 360° around its caster and enemies defeated by the wave grant bonus super energy to the caster. MELEE: Breach: Deliver a punch at extended range. Perk1: Flood Melee kills cause the victim to explode. Reduced Breach cooldown. Perk2: Overflow When super energy is full all melee kills generate an orb of light. (Has a 3 second cooldown between each orb produced. Perk3: Drainage Kills with Breach grant an overshield.(sunsinger strength not defender.) Lower health rewards stronger shields. (If your health was below half when procked your shield is twice as strong.) 1ST PASSIVE TREE: P. Perk1: High Tide Grenade effects last twice as long. (+2 Recovery) P. Perk2: Challenger's Deep Upon entering critical health, all teamates (within a lunge melee range.) near you are granted a buff that increases armor +3 and increases weapon damage by 10% lasts 10 seconds. P. Perk3: Anchorage Charged melee attacks inflict debuffs to victims that cause them to move slower for 10 seconds(crouch speed) and explode upon death. (If victims are hit by a Flood explosion they will also recieve this debuff.) (+1 Armor) 2ND PASSIVE TREE: P. Perk4: Backrush Spawn with full grenade energy. Grenade kills grant increased super energy. P. Perk5: A - Zone Kills with your super grant bonus grenade and melee energy to your nearby (melee lunge range) teammates. P. Perk6: Keeper's Troth Crouching for a short time creates gentle waves that surround the player.(they stay for 15 seconds and go away if unused.) While buffed crouching again cause the waves to wash away and grant nearby teamates an overshield worth 55 damage points. (Cannot be stacked and has a 15 second recast time between each use.)

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