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12/30/2015 9:22:12 AM

Petition For A Exotic Version Of Fatebringer

One of the best PVE weapons ever in the game in year 1 needs to come back in its original form . I don't care to grind for some cheap knockoff gun "imago loop" . I could careless that if you get blessed by RNG you can get the same exact roll . I want Fatebringer to get the same treatment that black hammer got ( minus the nerf) elemental burns on primary weapons have been removed but exotics still have them . Zhalo supercell has arc burn and The Vex and Necrochasm will be yr2 guns at some point .. So why not turn Fatebringer into an exotic with its arc burn ??!! Please Like Comment , and share this post so it can trend in the forums . Show your support we can make our voice heard !

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