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Which racing game should I get?

I just got a PS4 and then remembered I can't play Forza Horizon 2, which stinks because the third edition is arriving in 2016. So I have some games to choose from, I'm torn between the Crew, DriveClub, and Need for Speed. Which game offers the best Open World to explore, and best graphics and mechanics? Also, I want to be able to free roam with friends online, like in Horizon 2. Is PROJECT CARS open world? I really want to play with friends. EDIT 2: I'm torn between DriveClub and Crew. They're both cheap so I may get both. I like the Crew's graphical upgrade and free roam. I have the demo, but I don't like the graphics now, so it better be for the vanilla version, not wild run. Can I skip the story in Crew? I just want to free roam with my friends. EDIT 3: Open poll! Also, I have the demo for he Crew, so which version of the graphics do I have?

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