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12/23/2015 4:12:59 PM

Hello, Bungie? Was my SRL Film Festival entry valid?

I submitted a clip to the Barrel Roll Call category of the film festivall a few days ago and it said "Not Found" in my activity feed. I thought that something had gone wrong with the submitting of the clip so I submitted it again. The same thing happened and I googled it, only to find out that this means that it has yet to be approved by Bungie. I think one of the rules was that each clip could only be submitted once, but the reason I submitted it twice was because I thought that something went wrong the first time. Will this be taken into consideration by bungie, or will I just be disqualified on the spot? I submitted my clip before the deadline, but it still hasn't been approved. Can someone please tell me if it will be considered for the festival?

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