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Bearbeitet von Pillow: 12/19/2015 6:49:54 PM

Buff Graviton Forfeit (and other 'perk unlock' exotics!)

I think Graviton Forfeit should do something else besides simply unlocking the Shadestep node in your perk tree. Before I continue, [b]keep in mind I am not saying anything is OP or asking for nerfs to anything[/b]. It's sad I actually have to clarify this before saying anything. Titans now have Twilight Garrison (which looks fun as hell, hot damn) and can have huge amounts of extra airborne mobility on every single one of their class. I'd say that's pretty strong, no? Warlocks are getting the Astrocyte Verse helmet sometime later down the line. Unless it gets altered before actual release, or has already been altered from what the datamining states, it's going to improve Blink for warlocks by increasing Blink's distance, and also reduces it's cooldown. It's restricted to voidwalkers, but it still sounds pretty damn good. Graviton Forfeit... just unlocks a node from the nightstalker's perk tree. It seems lackluster in comparison to the other 'mobility exotics' titans and warlocks are getting. Titans get an entirely new ability to use on any class they want, and voidwalkers' Blink is going to be a lot stronger than before, [i]I'd assume[/i]. The best hunters can do with Graviton Forfeit is... Keen Scout + Shadestep combo? While it's a strong combination of perks, this still seems pretty boring and lackluster. My suggestions are to have GF remove Shadestep's innate cooldown (though this could easily be OP), or increase it's effects by making Shadestep faster, or making Shadestep's distance longer. Or, if having the helmet buff Shadestep sounds too OP to Bungie, just make it have additional effects like "agility is increased by +2". This way the helmet could at least be put to some use outside of nightstalker, too. Besides, why are the armored fisting machines a dozen times faster than the roguelike scouts? That is all. [b]EDIT:[/b] [i]Maybe if I wasn't a hunter main, my post wouldn't get so much prejudice and misconceptions...[/i] After responding to a few folks, I figure I should add this here too: I think exotics that simply exist to unlock a perk from your perk tree are boring and lazy design to shove in an exotic that could be a lot more meaningful or have more depth. This is why I think GF should have another, more minor effect/perk on it, and [i]this also applies to every other 'node unlock' exotic armor there is for any class.[/i] It also seems I completely forgot the existence of Bones of Ayolmao when I wrote this post. Silly me. For that I apologize. Additionally, I've reworded my post a lot to convey my thoughts better.

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