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Gorgon's Labyrinth (A Destiny fanfiction)

[b][i]Author's note:[/i][/b] HELLOOOOOOO ladies and gentleguardians, it is I, RoyalBlade. I have returned my friends. I will finish this series and not leave you wandering what happens. Now, go enjoy. [u]Gorgon's Labyrinth[/u] The Raid team stood over a 1,000 foot drop, thinking of a way to get down. "Let's just jump for Travelers sake." groaned Truth. "And if we die?" Ikora asking sarcastically. "Then our Ghost's resurrect us you stupid Warlock." Truth snapped back "Oi! Quit it will ya!" Dredgen said with authority. "I'm in." Anon said, backing up a few paces. "Don't you dare!" Ikora yelled. The Hunter looked at the Warlock Vanguard and grinned wickedly as he broke into a full sprint. He jumped off the edge and started free falling. Truth, Cayde, and Kabr followed in suit leaving only Ikora and Dredgen. Ikora looked at the devil Hunter pleadingly. All he did was shrug and jump off. Ikora cursed under her breath and turned around. She slowly started making her way back up. "By the Traveller I am not going down there without what's his name." She continued cursing as she pulled out her Ghost and returned to orbit. =--------------------------------------------------= A soft thump was heard as the fireteam landed on the ground. Kabr looked around and asked, "Everyone okay?" "Yup." "Heck yeah." "You bet ya'." "Great let's keep moving." A loud splash caused the fireteam to turn around, guns at the ready. When they realized it was only Yor theu relaxed. "You're late." Truth cooed. "No I'm bloody not." He responded, grinning. "Truth blushed underneath jer helmet and turned away. "That's cute." Cayde commented emotionlessly. "Guys focus. You all remember the path right?" Kabr stepped up taking the leadership role. "Yeah. Yeah let's go already." Anon said. The team maneuvered through the caves quite as mice. Whenever a Gorgon passed by they would hide and stand dead still, unmoving. They reached the end very quickly and stood at a ledge inside a cavern three times larger then the previous one. They watched platforms appear and disappear, creating a path straight to the Vault's front door. =--------------------------------------------------= End of [i]Gorgon's Labyrinth[/i] That's all for today guys. I know it's probably not as good as it used to be but I promise I'll get back to my old style soon. See you starside. Catch up here;

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