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Bearbeitet von Webby731: 12/12/2015 8:17:44 PM

Super Good Advice

Meanwhile, at a bungie board meeting... Deej: ALRIGHT TEAM, Super good advice is BAD and nobody uses it! We need to do something about this in the December patch! Dev #1: Make its magazine size 5! Dev #2: Turn it into a potato! Dev #3: Maybe come up with something logical that will actually make it worth using? Deej: *Glares at Dev #3* Nah, that's stupid. Let's just do this! Super Good Advice: -Reduced chance that SGA returns ammo on missed shot by 20% -Added a chance for SGA to pull inventory ammo into magazine on landed shot. Edit: Thanks for the replies guys. Im actually starting to see that the changes aren't all that bad. Sorry for my little angry rant about a weapon I never even gave a chance.

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